10 Top Beaches in Nova Scotia, Canada

/10 Top Beaches in Nova Scotia, Canada

Nova Scotia is the second smallest province in Canada, but it is the most populous of the four provinces in Atlantic Canada. Halifax is the capital of Nova Scotia. It is located exactly halfway between the Equator and the North Pole. The breath-taking scenery of Nova Scotia will leave on the mind of the tourist.

Looking for a beach in Nova Scotia, then drive away to some of its pristine beaches. The tourist will feel the sand between their toes as one strolls down the amazing and inviting beaches. Grab your bucket, towel, sand spade and sunscreen. Just go ahead to any of these beaches or all if time permits and the wallet is full.

Build sandcastles, walk barefoot and bring out the little hidden child in you. Nova Scotia has a 7,600km of seacoast. Over 100 beaches dot Nova Scotia. The beaches are supervised in the months of July and August. It is home to the best beaches in Canada. Soak in the sun, dip your feet in the water and lazily view the white sands, red cliffs and cobbled shores.


Ingonish Beach

This beach is located on the Cobot Trail outside the Highlands National Park. This is an outstanding beach with warm fresh water and sand. Take a swim and refresh yourself. There are tennis courts, picnic areas and a canteen.


Inverness Beach

The Gulf of St. Lawrence just off the Ceilidh Trail in Cape Breton is hugged by this welcoming beach. Dip in the water or lie on the sand and gaze the sky above. The waters and ideal waves here invite the surfers.


Cape Chignecto Beach

This beach is located on the Fundy Shore. You can keep yourself busy exploring fossils, beach combing or rock hounding. You can walk the beach at Red Rocks or just stroll along the beach. Well, hiking could also be done here.

There is a park over 200 hectares. You can take the trail leading to the Three Sisters – there and watch the three magnificent sea-stacks rising 50m from the beach. Wow, what a view! Your next trail could take you to Squally Point. This is a raised beach created thousands of years ago when the glaciers started to melt. You will have a wonderful day out here.


Mavillette Beach

This is a provincial park where you will find beautiful sand and dunes. It is fantastic for bird-watching and beach-combing. This beach is 1.5km long and is situated on St. Mary’s Bay.


Five Islands Beach

This beach features a Provincial Park of 90m sea cliff which overlooks the world’s highest tide. It is situated in the Fundy Shore and Annapolis Valley region. If you are an adventurer, then enjoy hiking, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing on the West side of Economy Mountain. Trails are marked and mapped. It is open in winter for the winter activities.


Rissers Beach

This beach is south of Bridge Water measuring 24km. It is located on the Atlantic Coast in Green Bay. There is a river at the mouth of the Bay known as Petite Riviere. It is a sandy beach and has a walkway along the marshes.

Martinique 2007.beach

Martinique Beach

This beautiful beach is located in East Petpeswick. It is an 11km beach in the Eastern Shore region. Enjoy the white sand beach and picnic around the wooded area behind the dunes. One could enjoy the surf, sand and take a leisurely stroll. Bird-watching could also keep one busy here. It is half an hour from Halifax.


Melmerby Beach

This beach is located in the Little Harbour. It is a 2km beach with boardwalks. One gets a beautiful coastal viewing opportunity from here. It’s Nova Scotia pretty beach park. Enjoy a carefree day and be lost in your dreams.


Lawrencetown Beach

This is a popular beach having sand and cobbled stones. It is noted for its surf. Swimmers are asked to exercise caution here as strong rip tides and currents are common. Breathe in the fresh ocean air and stroll on the beach. Kids love this beach.


Clam Harbour Beach

This is a natural sand beach and a long one. The visitors can picnic in a field area on top of a bluff. It is located along Eastern Shore.

Many beaches offer facilities like showers, toilets, interpretative centres, picnic areas and canteens. There are many beach resorts for the tourist. Some of which offer bed and breakfast. Nature lovers can book the camp grounds. There is everything for everyone. Book in advance to avoid disappointment using one’s Master Card, Visa Card and Direct Debit Card. A word of caution here. Please do find out the hidden costs when using the cards.


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