Attractions in Bangkok: Psst! One of the Largest Reclining Buddha Statue’s Here

/Attractions in Bangkok: Psst! One of the Largest Reclining Buddha Statue’s Here

A majority of the attractions in Bangkok are in the area of Rattanakosin. Nevertheless, there is still plenty to do throughout the rest of the city. Of the hundreds of shrines and temples here, Wat Arun, Wat Pho and Grand Palace are the favorite ones.

The Grand Palace is quite large, and it tends to get rather packed throughout the mornings and afternoons. In the palace grounds, you will find Wat Phra Kaew, which is a Buddhist temple that attracts thousands of tourists each year. One of the buildings here houses an Emerald Buddha, and while visitors might not guess it from its size, it happens to be one of the most sacred religious items in all of Thailand.

Attractions in Bangkok

Attractions in Bangkok

Wat Pho – Temple of the Reclining Buddha

Attractions in Bangkok

To see one of the largest reclining Buddha statues in the entire world, this is where visitors go. Once here, they can take a ferry across the Chao Phraya River, which will eventually lead to Wat Arun. The main structure here is about 90 meters high, which is quite huge. This one happens to be one of the most picturesque landscapes in all of Thailand, topping all of the attractions in Bangkok. Other surrounding temples include Wat Suthat, Wat Ratchanaddaram, and Golden Mount.

Dusit Palace

Attractions in Bangkok

The Dusit Palace, situated in a European-style building, is a perfect place to escape the heat that one often associates with the Grand Palace. Here, the primary structure is the Vimanmek Mansion. Also, the Jim Thompson House is relatively nearby in Siam Square. It houses Thai structures collected by American business person Jim Thompson in the 1950s and 60s.

Kamthieng House Museum

Attractions in Bangkok

Located in Sukhumvit, this is a popular tourist attraction that is a must-see for anyone visiting Bangkok as the Kamthieng House Museum will give you a glimpse of a Northern Thai village. Expect to find on display daily rituals, folk beliefs, and everyday household chores over here.

Bangkok National Museum

Attractions in Bangkok

The Bangkok National Museum, dedicated to the history and culture of the area, features archaeological remains as well as Thai history. In fact, all of the exhibits here are quite fascinating.

The Queen’s Gallery

Attractions in Bangkok


Although the art scene is a bit small in Bangkok, you can experience it in full force when visiting The Queen’s Gallery. There are also several smaller galleries nearby.

Lumphini Park

Attractions in Bangkok

Lumphini Park is an ideal place to escape the fumes and reconnect with Mother Nature.

Santichaiprakarn Park

Attractions in Bangkok

Santichaiprakarn Park isn’t too far away from here and features a breezy atmosphere that will provide you with the opportunity to watch locals juggling or practicing other visually appealing arts.

Phra Sumen Fort

Attractions in Bangkok

This 18th-century old fort offers a beautiful view of the cable-stayed bridge. It is quite easy to access and visiting Phra Sumen Fort is perfect for solo travelers as well as families. Animal farms and zoos also happen to be hugely popular in Bangkok. The Queen Saovabha Institute Snake Farm offers a unique and extensive variety of snake species, all of which are taken care of quite well by the staff members who work here.

Siam Ocean World

Attractions in Bangkok

Siam Ocean World is a family-friendly attraction in Siam Square. Although the prices can be a little more than average, they do provide nice value for one’s dollar.

Paknam Temple

Attractions in Bangkok

The Paknam Temple is another famous attraction that will provide an ample amount of peace and quiet. Beside the temple, visitors will also find dozens of fish inside the large canal. The architecture here is incredible. It is something that you must see to believe. Also, it is one of the better budget-friendly attractions when you are visiting the wonderful and vibrant city of Bangkok.

You are exploring the beautiful country of Thailand. In which case, why not try Phuket? It is less than an hour and a half by air from Bangkok with several flights operating daily.


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