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Banff-Lake Louise Ski Resorts

Welcome to Canada’s protected playground. None other than Banff-Lake Louise Ski Resorts. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The tourists love to ski here. It is a terrain which suits every level of skier. One gets unmatched, unimaginable and unbelievable stunning mountain views.

Mt. Norquay

Here is your dream vacation that gives you an adrenalin rush. The Rockies beckon the skier. Mt. Norquay is a training ground for your inert skills. It brings a smile on the faces of beginners and intermediate skiers. The surroundings are awe-inspiring. The advanced skiers and riders too love these thrilling moments in the Canadian Rockies. A few minutes away from the town of Banff you will see Mt. Norquay. It is a night skiing resort in Banff-Lake Louise. The entire snow-covered terrain is lit. It looks like a precious jewel. The resort is a family oriented one where you will love to spend time. Mt. Norquay is open to skiers from November to April and in winter the ski timings are 9am to 4pm. The peak elevation here is 7,000 feet.

The lodge here at Banff Lake Louise is 24,000 sq. ft. Celebrate what you want to here, it’s going to be just out of this world festivity. The magnificent mountain backdrops add magic to every festivity. The Norquay Lodge is just ten minutes out of Banff overlooking a small mountain town.

Lake Louise Ski Resort

Come let’s visit another famous ski resort. It is Lake Louise Ski Resort. This skiing area is a large spread across four mountain faces. It covers an area of 4,200 acres. In North America, Lake Louise is the largest ski resort.

Walk down just a few minutes from the village of Lake Louise and you will reach the ski area. The terrain here varies from gentle slopes, to glades and wide open bowls the most thrilling ones in the Canadian Rockies. Your camera will capture the beauty of Lake Louise. The Ski Resort throws open to its visitors what they must have never thought of, bewitching beautiful silver sparkling snow-clad mountains, lakes, glaciers and forests. It is a platter of everything that nature can offer you. You find all this at the National Park.

The Lake Louise Ski Resort is open from November to May. The opening timings are 9am to 4pm in the winters.

Sunshine Village

Sunshine Village is close to the town of Banff. It is a skiing village and a Snowboard Resort. Stay in the eco-luxurious rooms of Sunshine Mountain Lodge. Enjoy the skiing atmosphere, all charged up to ride or ski in the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia. The skiing arena opens at 9am and ends at 4pm. The peak elevation is 8,954 feet. From December to May frisk skiing over 3,300 acres of terrain.

You will want to come again and again for this exciting skiing experience. Three of the world’s finest ski resorts are at the Banff National Park. A home away from home is what you will find at Mt. Norquay, The Lake Louise Ski Resort and Sunshine Village.

Check the bookings for lodge stay and for skiing much in advance not to be disappointed. Ask for the relevant events of skiing from the concerned authorities. So why wait, get organizing your vacation and fly to Alberta.


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