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/Barcelona – Medieval and Modern


Barcelona is the second largest city in the country of Spain. Barcelona has the Besos River to the Northeast, the Mediterranean Sea to the East, to the Southwest is the Llobregat River and to the Northwest is Mount Tibidabo.

It is a popular tourist destination and easy to access. The weather is favorable all year round. There are beautiful beaches, mountains and terrific nightlife. Barcelona is soaked in history and culture. What more does a traveler want? You should visit Barcelona to know it. It is romantic and magical.

Barcelona City Tour Transport runs open-topped double-decker buses. The bus takes the visitor around the landmark areas of the city. Tickets for this bus are valid for two days. The buses have a guide, and depart at 9.00 am from Julia Travel Terminal.

The tourists, along with their guide, pass through some key areas. They see the places, in Barcelona where Picasso lived, and spent his youth. You gather information, about this famous painter which influenced his life and career. The places that the traveler sees throws light on Picasso’s artistic works.

When you stroll around the Gothic Quarter streets, you smell the flavor of Barcelona’s chocolates. You get a chance to meet chocolatiers. You, come to know about the origin of cacao, and sample, the old town’s finest and famous chocolates.

The Medieval tour is fun for both children and the young at heart. You go back in time and visit Barcelona between 500 AD and 1500. The tourist, keenly hear and see the unicorns, bulls, the clothing, living, and food of those years.

The tourist visit the heritage district, the Quadrat d’Or. There is a museum, in the middle of Barcelona’s Eixample neighborhood. You will be shown a number of modernists’ architecture. The 19th and 20th centuries saw the artistic movement in Barcelona.

The Placa Reial is Barcelona’s ancient city. You get to see the Roman and Medieval world. The remains of the Roman Wall are seen in the medieval city of Via Laietana.

Do visit La Pedrera by day. It is Antoni Gaudi’s last designed building. It is residential and very artistic. This building was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1984. The tourist takes a ride to the top of Mirador de Colom to see the Columbus Monument. A lift ride takes the tourist to the viewing gallery. You are 60 meters, above the ground. The traveler, holds back in memory, the different views of Barcelona city. The roof, attic and the top floor are open only for the visitors.

La Pedrera has balconies constructed like waves. There are a number of chimneys on the roof terrace. You, also, get a view of Eixample, which houses Gaudi’s masterpieces. You can then stroll down the Passeig de Gracia Avenue.

The Casa Battlo is modern in style. You see here, architecture, art, and world design. It was inducted on the UNESCO World Heritage List 2005. It was designed by Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi’s. His artistic works were the finest, among the artist in those times. The Casa Battlo was built between 1904 and 1906. Gaudi’s chose to give it a modern style. He used a mix of color, light and form, which combined well, with other materials. All this, thus gave The Casa Battlo a fantastic look. La Casa Battlo and La Pedrera take the onlooker into, a fairy tale land.

Mount Tibidabo and the church there, are seen, from every nook, and corner of Barcelona. The tallest peak is 515 meters. It has a church, and a park. You, get splendid views, of the city, from above. First, you reach, half way by train. You see lovely mansions on your way up. The tourist, then hop on to the funicular train and reach the top. It is about a kilometer journey.

The tourist visit the yellow spring in the park area. It is of great ecological value. There are some heart throbbing rides too. The church features colorful mosaics, murals, and a neoby zantine crypt in the interiors.

There is an observatory deck, and a restaurant to keep you fresh and hydrated.

Camp Nou is a football stadium in Barcelona. It was inaugurated, as the FC Barcelona stadium, on 24th of September 1957. The whole stadium was redesigned by architects Francesc Mitjans Miro and Jose Soteras Mauri. This stadium is now, the biggest in Europe.

The Olympic Port has become a tourist spot. It has a number of clubs, shops, and restaurants. This is known, as the gateway to the new Barcelona. The port can dock boats, yachts and ships in its eight hectare area. The dock area encloses the Marina from where you get lovely views of the Barcelona skyline. The zoo is in the centre of Barcelona. It has different habitat areas according to the inhabitants. The palm grove has a variety of macaws, parrots, and parakeets. In the aviary, you will find birds from the tropical forests, from all over the globe. At the ‘Land of Dragons’ one sees the Komodo dragon. A number of reptiles, amphibians of every kind, gorilla space, etc., are also seen at the zoo. The visitors are taken underwater to see the marine dolphins. Besides the animals, one is assured of a great day with tourist train, electric cars, restaurants and special picnic areas.

Barcelona beach is close to the city, and thus a lot of tourist visit it. The National Geographic has voted Barcelona beach as the best beach in the world. There are seven other beaches outside the city. The coastline is about 4.5 kilometers. Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities and among the 10 most visited cities in the world.

The tourist wish to see Barcelona by night. You, set out to unwrap the squares, and streets of Barcelona. La Rambla is Barcelona’s boulevard. The city is known for its nightlife. Barcelona is the city where every tourist wants to spend a night out, tapping their feet, and dancing to pop, jazz, Latin rhythms, and rock. You dance here, to the rhyme of some world top DJ’s. This city is vibrant, with life and zest. Barcelona is a city that never sleeps.

Now, it’s time before you say, adieu to Barcelona to go shopping. You will get to visit and shop at the wide range of shops at Barcelona. You see luxury shops, in the modern areas of the city. It, also has local shops which have attractive window displays. The tourist pick, and choose what they like from these shops.

Barcelona airport is the second largest in Spain after Madrid. The airport is close to the city centre, of Barcelona. You have to cover only a distance of 14 kilometers. It is situated at El Prat del Llobre gat town. Barcelona is connected by an aerobus from the airport. Other transports at the airport are a rented taxi, car, bus or train.

Barcelona has a number of hotels. Some are near the airport, and others in the city. They are, of all grades. Book one before you land at Barcelona for your unforgettable vacation. Preserve, all your memories of beautiful Barcelona, on your camera.


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