Beach Vacation Tips for Travelers

/Beach Vacation Tips for Travelers

You want to spend time with your family on a beautiful beach while on holiday. Let me tell you that the first thing is to know a few essential beach vacation tips before you land for your long-awaited sojourn. This holiday you are out with your kids. They are old enough to play and swim in the beach waters, and they love doing that under your care. There are some beach vacation tips, and the young and the elderly have to adhere to them.

Beach Vacation Tips

Beach Vacation Tips

1. Parents always need to educate their children well in advance about a few beach vacation tips.

2. Bring along comfortable beach wear. Brightly-colored clothes are easy to spot and help locate a lost person on the beach.

3. If your little one seems to be missing and you cannot spot your child contact the lifeguard. They are present on every beach. Describe your child to the lifeguard as this will help a lot in locating the child. Usually, a child walks downwind. So follow and walk with the wind.

4. Sand has a tendency to cling to your skin. Do remember to put in a tin of powder in your beach basket. Apply it on the bare skin of children. While playing around and building sand castles and bridges, the powder will help the clinging sand to fall off their delicate skin.

5. Collecting beautiful shells is what children love. See that they do not gather live shells as they can cause itchy skin. Remember to carry a cream prescribed particularly for this problem.

6. Stashing along a bottle of vinegar might be helpful. If stung by a seashell creature, its application helps to soothe the affected area.

7. Choose a friendly beach safe enough to swim.

8. Stay in a resort preferably close to the beach. Go in for a simple hygienic one remembering your children are also joining you.

9. Knowing beach vacation tips come handy especially when you choose a less crowded beach. There may be fewer lifeguards and people whom you can approach for help.

10. Make use of discount coupons to rent beach gear. And if you happen to have beach toys at home, do remember to take them along with you.

11. Pitch your beach umbrella in a safe and strategic place. Let it be of a dark solid yellow, red, or orange color. Bright colors help your children return safely to the beach if they lose their way.

12. Talk to your little ones as you head to your beach destination about the beach vacation tips. Also, answer their queries and let them be clear about everything.

13. Pack your child’s bag with a set of beach clothes and other accessories in a Ziploc bag for each day of your beach vacation as this saves a lot of time when out on holiday. Put the dirty clothes back in the same Ziploc to be laundered at home.

14. All your toiletry items should be easy to find and thus pack them all together. Carry few things and you will see that you can lay your hands quickly on what you want.

15. Inculcate in your kids, unless they are toddlers, to give you a helping hand. Keep reminding them of the beach vacation tips.

16. Carry empty disposable duffel bags to take to the beach along with you. These come in very handy.

17. Wet wipes help you clean your baby’s hands before munching on something when hungry.

18. Buy things from the dollar shop. It is light on your purse yet useful in all ways, especially the one-time use items.

19. Keep all important telephone numbers handy in your bag and also in your husband’s wallet.

20. From all these beach vacation tips, one thing that you must keep telling your kids is not to befriend a stranger and follow the person.

21. Use sunscreens suitable to your skin type while relaxing and feasting your eyes on the blue beach water waves from your lounge chairs. Carry sunglasses to protect your eyes.

22. Every time you visit the beach for a vacation, you learn for yourself newer ideas about safety at a beach. Add them to your already existing beach vacation tips. Tell your friends about them too. They might be useful for them also.

I wish all travelers a happy, stress-free beach holiday. I find these tips very helpful myself when my wife and I go for a beach vacation with our toddler.


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