Best Autumn Destinations You Ought to Check Out

/Best Autumn Destinations You Ought to Check Out

The autumnal equinox sees the start of autumn. Whereas, in the southern hemisphere, autumn makes its appearance in March-April and May, in the northern hemisphere, you will witness it in September-October and November. It is the time when leaves of different colors shed.

Sutton - Best Autumn DestinationsSutton – Quebec

Panoramic Sutton all draped in autumn colors beckons the tourist and makes it to the top of our list of best autumn destinations.

The skies are clear blue with a brush of brilliant orange,  yellow, crimson, red, and green leafy trees all around. Look east or west, north or south, your gaze meets the beautiful array of colors bestowed by nature.

You are mesmerized as you drive past meadows, farms, orchards, and unimaginable scenery. You take a break and drop in at an eatery. You and your family enjoy the French influenced platter of dishes.

Your trip turns out to be far more interesting than you had imagined. Your drive takes you through arched trees lit up naturally with scarlet and orange. On your way, you all also enjoy chocolate-dipped cranberries, ice wine, blue cider, and Ermite cheese. The maple syrup in Sutton is the best.

You soon bid goodbye to this charming autumn destination nestled in the mountain valley draped in colorful maple and pine trees.

Hyde Park - Best Autumn DestinationsHyde Park – London

You are out on a drive to look for autumn colors near your home county. Your drive takes you to Hyde Park where a wonderful visual time awaits you.

Every season transforms Hyde Park with their special streak of beauty. As you stroll down the park, you are amazed to see the leaves shade from yellow-orange to finally a fiery red. The squirrels here give you company.

At Hyde Park, you see the marble arch, the Queen Elizabeth Gate, and the fountain with two bears embracing. Hyde Park is a deserving entry to our best autumn destinations list.

Kamikochi – JapanKamikochi - Best Autumn Destinations

Kamikochi is a popular autumn resort. It lies in the northern Japan Alps. The mountain scenery from here is spellbinding. It is open from April to November 15 every year.

You are awestruck as you see a 15-km-long plateau about 1500 m in the lap of the Azusa river valley. It is surrounded by tall mountains. The autumn foliage with colorful alpine flora dominates the entire landscape.

You also enjoy amidst the autumn colors some adventures like hiking, river crossing, and viewing the active Yakedake volcanic mountain. Do remember that no cars are allowed at Kamikochi. Buses or taxis are the only means to access this place.

Calke Abbey Park - Best Autumn DestinationsCalke Abbey Park – Derbyshire

An autumn holiday spent here impresses you with nature’s wonders at play. Calke Abbey Park has some of Europe’s oldest trees. It displays a diverse landscape. At every bend, you can witness autumn, the season of vibrant colors.

As you laze beneath the colorful trees, you wonder at the miraculous work of Mother Nature. You get a close view of a herd of deer as they trample upon the rustling hue of autumn leaves. The gardens at Calke Abbey Park are artistically and beautifully laid out. It is heavenly to watch the leaves with changing colors in autumn fall throughout the season to welcome winter.

Sheffield Park Garden – East SussexSheffield Park Garden - Best Autumn Destinations

The designed landscape of Sheffield Park is a work of art. In the center of the park are four well-laid-out lakes. Some pathways take you through wooded areas and glades. Selected trees have been planted here for their autumn colors. There is amazement in every beholder’s eyes as one passes through fiery rusts, golds, and reds. A picture perfect reflection is seen in the clear waters of the lakes.

The kaleidoscope hues of autumn leave you short of words to describe this scenery. You are enveloped in colors. The park is full of Tupelo shrubs, beeches, oaks, and Japanese maple trees. Sheffield Park Garden is one of the best in Sussex.


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