Best European Summer Destinations From Perth to Antalya

/Best European Summer Destinations From Perth to Antalya

From the deep turquoise waters in Sardinia to the wonderful Scone Palace in Perth, there is something for every kind of traveler in our European summer destination article. Here, we feature the best European summer destinations that are sure to leave a lasting impression on the hearts and minds of the visitors.

1. Sardinia — Italy

Best European Summer Destinations

Cala Goloritzé Beach, Sardinia

Sardinia that lies in the Mediterranean Sea is a place known for its age old traditions and a wild and pure nature. Your voyage to Sardinia takes you past coves, snow white sandy beaches, and a striking emerald sea.

You enjoy Sardinia in the midst of a vast and charming natural environment. It has in its folds woods, small desert areas, and marshes. Costa Smeralda is full of history and ancient traditions, yet it gives its tourist a joyful and colorful night life.

Best European Summer Destinations

Gennargentu National Park, Sardinia

A mountain lover can explore the area of Gennargentu with its outstanding landscape. A visit to the Nuragic complexes in Sardinia makes you aware of unique monuments. Here, one gets an insight into the archaic charm of rituals and domestic life. The Barumini complex is a site in the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Your summer holidays will flip by as you discover a range of sightseeing places. To name a few like Cagliari Cathedral, Nora Italy, Arcipelago di La Maddalena National Park on the coast of Sardinia. It is a geo-marine park. Here you can also visit Santa Stefano in Costa Smeralda. You not only find hotels and resorts but beautiful beaches with untouched nature around.

Best European Summer Destinations

Grotta di Ispinigoli, Sardinia

The river Thiso is an important 152-kilometer river of Sardinia. As you drive down north of Dorgali, you are in for a surprise. You reach an Alice in Wonderland like place known as Grotta di Ispinigoli. Here, your eyes behold some of the tallest glittering stalagmites and stalactites. After a descent of 60 m, you see rock formations like giant mushrooms and broccoli. The traveler at leisure can spend days during the summer vacation exploring and unraveling the hidden gems in Sardinia.

2. Cēsis — Latvia

Best European Summer Destinations

Cēsis Medieval Castle, Cēsis

Cēsis is a beautiful medieval town more than 800 years old. It is small and lies in the historical region of Vidzeme.

Cēsis, originally developed as a health resort, is situated in the hilly Guja River valley. This quaint town has cobbled streets and gives you a perfect summer vacation. You can just walk and stroll around admiring the old stone buildings. Rigas iela is its main street and in the center of the city. Your eyes will move to a highlighted monolith in the center of the square.

The tourist love to soak in the ancient atmosphere of Cēsis. The 13th century Medieval Castle throws light on the forming of Cēsis. It’s classic old-time architecture and romantic features along with the candlelight lanterns at the castle attract tourists. You can get some magnificent views from its western tower. The most decorative tower is the southern one. As you descend the castle, you reach the medieval prison.

The Castle Park is worth seeing for its outstanding origin landscape of the 19th century. It has streams and springs. The hilly terrain of Cēsis is full of sandstone outcrops with birds and pavilions. It is famous with the locals as a well as the tourists.

Best European Summer Destinations

St. John’s Church, Cēsis

St. John’s Church is the largest basilica in Latvia that is now host to art exhibitions and musical concerts. Dzerbene Manor in Cēsis is famous for its ghostly legends.

Best European Summer Destinations

Victory Monument, Cēsis

Unity Square and Victory Monument are not far from the Cēsis Castle. Apart from producing beer, the old brewery that is the oldest also produces mineral water and juices.

3. Bristol — England

Best European Summer Destinations

Bristol Museum & Art Gallery, Bristol

Bristol, the largest city in England, lies to its southwest. Bristol is rich in historical wealth. Today, Bristol has evolved as an attractive modern city.

The tourists admire its varied architecture. The Bristol City Museum and Art Gallery is in Clifton. It is 0.5 miles from the city center. The visitors are impressed by the stunning paintings, artifacts, and the archaeology section. It also houses a freshwater aquarium, cafe, gift shop and galleries that have fossils, wildlife, sea dragons and a gypsy caravan.

The Bristol Anglican Cathedral is a grade one building attracting visitors from across the globe for its Gothic style architecture with stained glass windows. Admired for its grandeur, Saint Mary’s Church has a ‘wow’ factor as the tourists see with awe-struck eyes the Victorian Steiner glass windows and the beautifully carved interiors.

Best European Summer Destinations

Striped Love Beetle, Bristol Zoo, Bristol

The Bristol Zoo has a historical past with beautifully laid out gardens. You get to see over 450 species from the king of the jungle to love beetles. The zoo has many facilities for the elderly and the children. You can spend a fun-filled day at the zoo with your family. The Bristol Zoo is the fifth oldest zoo in the world.

Best European Summer Destinations

The Planetarium, Bristol

The Bristol Planetarium is a hands-on science experience. It is UK’s first 3D planetarium. Your summer destination holds a lot of attractions in its belly. There is something outstanding be it The Bristol Hippodrome, the Colston Hall, the display of a fleet of abandoned fishing vessels, or the Bristol Big Green Week (13-21 June).

Accommodation in Bristol is not an issue with plenty of excellent hotels offering bed-and-breakfast.

4. Cadiz — Spain

Best European Summer Destinations

Santa María del Mar Beach, Cádiz

Cadiz lies in the southernmost part of the Iberian Peninsula. It has a beautiful coastline of 260 km. Cadiz has many beaches, coves, inlets and long sandy areas. You have the famous Trafalgar beach facing the famous historical battle site. Other beaches such as La Caleta remind you of James Bond films. Also, there is the prestigious La Victoria Beach, which won the coveted EU environmental certificate.

Sports such as windsurf and underwater surfing are enjoyed in the crystal clear waters of Los Lances, Bolonia, Valdevaqueros and Torre de la Pena. There are about 83 beaches in Cadiz.

Best European Summer Destinations

Castle of San Marcos, Cádiz

Bathed in ancient history, Cadiz is unique and attracts vacationers for its castles, cultures, festive ecology, customs, monuments, and art.


Best European Summer Destinations

Cliffs at the Los Caños de Meca Beach, Cádiz

You can visit the Los Canos de Meca cliffs and enjoy the beauty around. The mountainous landscapes of pine forests, wetlands, and woodland all beckon you to Cadiz.

In Cadiz, you discover many a hidden places. The countryside delights you and wraps you up with its alluring charm.

Accompanied by a travel guide you can trail through the Nature Reserve having a delightful time watching colorful birds hidden on tree tops and viewing the salt flats. Cadiz can be fun with all its outstanding events. The vacationers can enjoy excursion trips around Cadiz with family and friends.

You can enjoy the tasty flavors of Cadiz like Roast partridge with vine leaves, Caballas con babetas, Clams with noodles, Gazpacho, and many more mouthwatering dishes. There are many good hotels where you can stay while in Cadiz.

5. Perth — Scotland

Best European Summer Destinations

Perth on the Banks of River Tay

Perth is the ‘fair city’ of Scotland in Perthshire that is the capital of Scotland. The city of Perth lies on the banks of the river Tay. It is a lovely little place and an ideal to get going for your summer vacations.

Best European Summer Destinations

Scone Palace, Perth

You can visit many places in Perth. Scone Palace is an ancient palace built for the crowning of the Scottish kings seated upon the stone of destiny. Walk around and you will soak in a lot of history hidden within the palace. It has a park where you can stroll around. Then, there is the Perth Museum and Art Gallery that gives you an insight about the collections of Pictish stones, art, archaeology and natural history.

It is fun to visit the Perth Farmers Market where you get many fresh ingredients and products. You can visit the Kinnoull Hill that gives you a fantastic view of the landscape surrounding it. Blankly Garden is colorful with all its blossoms and is home to the white peacock. Children can enjoy and get engrossed in the indoor play area of Noah’s Ark. They can go karting, pin bowling and golfing. If you and your children want to watch a movie pop into the Art Deco style Perth Playhouse building.

Best European Summer Destinations

High Street, Perth

While in Perth visit its city center and shop for everyone near and dear not forgetting yourself. Enjoy the food at its cafes and restaurants and have a drink at a bar. 2015 is Scotland’s Year of Food and Drink. In Perth, there is enough good accommodation and holiday homes. Summer is the best time to visit Perth.

6. Zadar — Croatia

Best European Summer Destinations

Plitvice Lakes National Park, Zadar

Zadar on the Adriatic Sea has an ancient history dating back to the 9th century. Today, Zadar has transformed and undergone tremendous change. Zadar attracts tourists for its attractive beaches, national parks, cafes, museums, churches, and bars.

You will love to be amid untouched nature at Plitvice Lakes National Park. It is a World Heritage Site. You are surrounded by the lovely green woods, shimmering lakes and milky waterfalls. You walk through water and on wooden walkways as you explore this national park. It is the most popular one and one of the top sights in Zadar. A rare view at the Krka National Park is its porous rocks through which the Krka River has formed waterfalls, lakes and caverns. If you are a nature lover and fond of the wilderness then do visit Paklenica where you can go hiking and rock climbing. At Northern Velebit Park, you will be stunned to see the rocky mountain landscape, underground caves, and beech forests set by nature in this wild soul of Croatia. Boat excursions take you to a long list of islands.

Get going to Diklo and Borik. They are the beach suburbs of Zadar and have accommodations near the beach. Diklo has pebbly beaches whereas Borik has a narrow beach around a shallow bay with light forest cover.

Best European Summer Destinations

Sea Organ, Zadar

You must go and visit the Roman ruins, Franciscan Monastery, and Church. You get weaved into the history of Zadar as you go around the old town. Zadar’s Sea Organ is an architectural, musical instrument which captures the wave movements and turns it into music. Here, you can descend the marble steps to see the beautiful sea and fall in love with Zadar’s remarkable sunsets.

Best European Summer Destinations

Sun Salutation, Zadar

Don’t get going from Zadar without seeing the Sun Salutation. It is a glass circle that takes in the sunlight and emits it at night.

This European summer vacation leaves you with lingering memories of both historical and modern Zadar.

7. Brittany — France

Best European Summer Destinations

Pointe du Raz, Finistère, Brittany

The entire region of Brittany gives you an incredible feeling. It is for all types of vacationers but especially for the restless adventurer and explorer. You will be fascinated by all that surrounds Brittany, from ancient towns, wooded forests, stunning coastline and off the beaten track excursions.

Best European Summer Destinations

Oceanopolis in Brest, Brittany

If you are a water, seaside or ocean side lover then move to Finistere as it has a windy coast, lighthouse, and wave-lashed beacons. Here, you have the Quimper village with its cobbled streets. Presquile de Crozon is a fantastic scenic spot in Brittany stretching into the Atlantic on its western side. An enormous aquatic world awaits you at Oceanopolis.

Ile de Batz has it all; islands, beaches, and waterfronts. You relax and bask on the peaceful beaches. Every direction in Brittany has something exciting for the tourists. You do not want to miss seeing any place in charming Brittany. It’s north coast takes you to fishing villages, beach resorts with splendid views and the headlands kissed by the splashing waves.

Best European Summer Destinations

Rennes, Brittany

Brittany has a lot in store for you, and you too have a lot of time during your summer vacations. You will find little villages with ancient legends dotting Central Brittany. You go around Brittany’s pulsating capital Rennes. Eastern and central Brittany holds a lot for you to see and do, right from timber houses, castles, museums and galleries all different from each other.

Your whole family, especially the joyful kids, enjoy the beaches, building sand castles of their dreams, running around, curious seeing hermit crabs, the waves full of sardines and flying kites. You laugh, and your gaze follows your kids with a carefree attitude, until its time to say good night and read a bedtime story before they snooze off. You sit relaxed in your resort with a glass of wine gazing out at the twinkling stars. Brittany leaves an impression on the minds of the vacationer, wanting to visit it again even before leaving this all too beautiful European summer destination. You wish adieu to the friendly Bretons and head homewards.

8. Antalya — Turkey

Best European Summer Destinations

Antalya Archeological Museum in Konyaaltı, Antalya

You always wanted to visit Antalya with your family and so finally you are here during your summer break. The resort destination of Turkey which brings you to the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, Antalya is a modern city embedded with ancient history.

It is time to set out seeing what lies around Antalya. The archaeological museum unfolds the chapters of its heritage times. There are many other museums that will also hold your interest.

Best European Summer Destinations

Konyaaltı Beach, Antalya

Konyaalti Beach is Antalya’s prime pebbly, rough, sandy beach extending for several kilometers. Board a westbound tram from Kale Kapisi. A 10-minute short walk down the hill lands you at the beach and beach park. The beaches to the east of Antalya have soft sand, and thus you will enjoy at Lara Beach. You bask and get lost seeing the vast watery view from your beach chair.

Best European Summer Destinations

Köprülü Canyon, Antalya

Turkey is a place of mountains and rivers. In Antalya, you can enjoy river rafting. The Köprülü Canyon National Park gives you a chance to hike and visit the mountain towns. Taking a tour of Antalya is an enjoyable experience with your family amid the spellbinding scenery of the Mediterranean. Antalya has a lot to offer to its tourists like good accommodation, mouthwatering cuisine and a pleasant atmosphere.


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