Best Exotic Destinations From Tu Tu’ Tun Lodge to White Desert

/Best Exotic Destinations From Tu Tu’ Tun Lodge to White Desert

Make your holiday unique by choosing one of the best exotic destinations. A stay at your hotel that’s far-flung from the mundane lets you unwind in the best possible way. You get to see and discover unusual places knowing that you are completely safe at all times.

1. Tu Tu’ Tun Lodge – Oregon, USA

Best Exotic Destinations


The Tu Tu’ Tun Lodge stands on the river. Opened in June 1970, it takes its name from the first inhabitants. All guests are welcome at this exotic destination, be it a romantic occasion, a family vacation, or just by yourself. Live in tranquility and beauty. Rediscover your hidden self. Tu Tu Tun will give you the feeling of one of the best exotic destinations.

If you have always wanted to get close to Mother Nature, then that’s what your River House lets you enjoy. Live the royal life during your stay here. A window opening to a beautiful garden is what you aspire, and so you have booked a Garden House. It’s all so soothing, and that includes the decor, the furniture, and the fireplace. You will be living here in style. The Osprey Bend rooms are spacious giving you an 180- degree Rogue view from the Cedar Deck.

There is plenty to choose from the River Suites with great river views. The Chinook Suite is airy and beautiful giving a broad expanse of the river. Then you have the Steelhead Suite that is enormous and luxurious. The room offers a soothing view of the river.

Celebrate different occasions here. Ring in your wedding bells, have a romantic honeymoon, or forget the world and be cozy with your family. The Northwest is inviting with its bounty. Come up with an exotic vacation plan. Soak yourself in unspoiled natural beauty.

An adventurer in you pops up, and you go hiking, leaving it to your guide to decide upon the trail. Everything is so breathtaking, such as the rainforest trail, tide pooling, and north jetty trail leading to the wide open sandy beach. Ride on the jet boats during May to October. See the wildlife as your boat moves through the Rogue River. In July and August go down the 80-mile whitewater. Go kayaking. There are lots of things to do here, so go fishing, get a Springer catch from March to June, or a salmon catch from July to October. In winter try your hand at steelhead fishing. Our guides are ever ready to help you. If golfing is your hobby, get going and golf at the ocean’s edge, the pristine Chetco River, or at the Cedar Valley. The lists of activities here is unending.

Just reach the lodge at Tu Tu’ Tun Lodge at 96550 North Bank Rogue River Road, Gold Beach, Oregon 97444 United States.

2. Les Vents Bleus – France

Best Exotic Destinations


These beautifully done up cottages charm the beholder. The luxurious setting is your starting point to discover the Albigensian country houses. Here, Florence is your hostess and Olivier your host. You get a warm welcome. Les Vents Bleus was the former winemakers home. Located on the Cordes plateau in the heart of the Gaillac vineyards, it’s aesthetically done up to let you forget the worldly hustle and bustle.

Your vacation for sure is going to be charming, relaxing, active and exotic. Plan what you would like to do here, and, thus, start each day afresh till your vacation comes to an end.

Les Vents Bleus allows you to splash in the pool, lay back in the private garden admiring the beauty of each flower, sit by the lush green lawns, swing in a hammock humming a romantic song or play games. Bicycle around with quietness surrounding you. Dine and wine at the restaurants.

Get a feel of the Tarn countryside. Walk or cycle around. Indulge in adventurous activities like horseriding, fishing, golfing, canoeing in the gorges of the Aveyron or canyoning caving in the Horizon Canyon Penne. It is spectacular beauty wherever your gaze travels.

You can also visit several cultural sites like the Goya Museum, Ingres Museum or the Abbey of Moissac. Witness a magical moment listening to the call of the deer in the Gresini forests. There are the hisses routes to discover as that of the fountains of Tarn, the historic route or the road that leads to the lofts in the Tran.

Your next vacation address is Les Vents Bleus, Route de Caussade – 81170 Donnazac – Cordes-sur-Ciel. (Email:

3. Wildflower Hall – India

Best Exotic Destinations


Wildflower Hall situated at an altitude of 8,250 m. is a 30-minute drive from Shimla. You get breathtaking views of the Greater Himalayan range. You and your family have always desired for such a holiday.

Dreaming of a wonderful vacation where there would be just pristine and unbelievable natural views? Wildflower Hall meets your requirements in all ways. The rooms and suites here reflect the bygone colonial era. Here, you can find furniture of intricately carved teakwood and brightly-colored rugs with excellent designs. You are in the midst of thick forests and the high Himalayan Ranges, and yet you feel secure in all ways.

You wine, dine, dance and feel completely relaxed as you are in a fairyland with acres of pine and cedar trees. From your room or any other part of this exotic resort you are surrounded by the pristine beauty of the valleys and the snow-capped Himalayas. The air is sweet scented, and you hear the melodious chirps of birds. The whistling wind brushes past you.

You and your family picnic in the middle of the forests and follow the wild strawberry trail. Activities in this wilderness are unending such as mountain cycling to view the Sutlej River or rafting in the rolling rapids of the river. You go to Shimla and experience history that’s long forgotten.

Wildflower Hall gives you a chance to revitalize your mind and body with yoga in the tranquil surroundings of nature. The address you will recommend to your friends is Wildflower Hall, Oberoi Resort, Chharabra, Shimla 171-012, Himachal Pradesh, India. (Email:

4. Longitude 131 – Australia

Best Exotic Destinations


You are out together – just the two of you – after a long time. It has always been family, children, friends or business trips. This, one of the best exotic destinations, is just out of your imagination. Longitude 131 is a five-star boutique resort. It offers you a plateful of unusual experiences. It is eco-friendly, and, yes, very romantic too. Your room opens at the gateway to the Uluṟu-Kata Tjuṯa National Park. You get pampered with the luxury around.

The experiences here are simply fantastic. You visit Alice Springs and see the magnificent rock domes at the Olga. Its beauty is something which you can only behold but not describe. You view the mystic desert landscapes and the deep gorges. The Rim Walk leads you to “Heartbreak Hill,” Kings Canyon. The National Park is a sacred place for the Aborigines. You view the spectacular sunrise and sunset views. You get Australia’s iconic red area sights undisturbed from Longitude 131 and enjoy the diverse range of adventurous activities and experiences. Be sure to remember Longitude 131 Yulara Drive, Yulara NT 0872, Australia.

5. White Desert – Antarctica

Best Exotic Destinations


You are an adventurer, and so, this, one of the best exotic destinations, White Desert, Antarctica lands you at the frameless structures with all the essential amenities.

Yes, you are at the last great wilderness on earth. All by yourself and with other co-vacationers, you are out to make the most of this unforgettable trip.

You are in a heated accommodation, and your food is piping hot too; unimaginable in Antarctica. A platter of activities awaits you. You fly guided to unexplored mountains and the Polar Regions.

You see a 6000-strong Penguin colony which surprises you. It’s a spellbinding sight seeing the thousands of iridescent icebergs as you fly to the edge of Dronning Maud Land. You enjoy your dinner on the ice cliff outside the White Desert Camp. Next morning it’s going to be a goodbye to this exotic destination. The address that will linger in your memory for a long time is Mantis Hotels, Eco-Escapes & Lifestyle Resorts, Antarctica.


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