Best July Vacation Destinations That Will Leave You Wanting for More

/Best July Vacation Destinations That Will Leave You Wanting for More

Does the irksome weather conditions of your city every July bother you no ends? We bring you some of the best July vacation destinations to explore. Whether it be the sunny beaches of Ibiza, Spain or the magnificent cathedrals and churches of Sofia, Bulgaria, we have got it all covered for you.

Ibiza — Spain

Best July Vacation Destinations

Promenade in Santa Eulalia, Ibiza

Ibiza is in the Balearics Islands in the Mediterranean Sea. It is the third largest island. Ibiza on the coast of Valencia has a magical effect on its tourist. Go around this pretty island and get the taste of its beauty and its flavors. Ibiza is famous for its beaches and glittering night life at its clubs, bars, and restaurants. Its beaches have soft white sands that make people call it the White Island. Playa d’en Bossa is the island’s longest beach, and you can party here 24/7 without a second thought. Cala Xuclar is a secluded, tiny sandy beach. It is surrounded by hills dressed in pine trees. This beach is in the north of Ibiza and is a horse shaped cove. Port des Torrent lies on the west coast of Ibiza. It is a family-friendly port village. Santa Eulalia has some art galleries, boutiques and a street full of restaurants. Do visit its beaches as you go around this classy place on the southeast coast of Ibiza.
The tourists enjoy the colorful festivities of Ibiza if they happen to be there at that time of the year. The village of San Miguel has a rural setting with natural surroundings and a church with beautiful fresco paintings. A lot of things attract the tourists to this island. Ibiza’s salt fields lie in the south and are a half-hour drive from San Miguel. These attract many a two-winged birds and make a beautiful sight. Ibiza lets you relax, shop, eat and most of all it blends you in its terrific night life.

Manaus — Brazil

Best July Vacation Destinations

Meeting of Waters, Manaus

Manaus lies in the midst of the rain forest of the Amazon. It is an urban city surrounded by jungles. Visit its Teatro Amazonas, the magnificent theater. Go to the natural hideout at Parque do Mindu. Enjoy and trail along the various paths in its 33-hectare park. Its flora and fauna are a visual delight. Witness the amazing site as you watch the reddish brown waters of the Rio Negro meet up with the light brown tinged waters of the Rio Solimoes. Take a boat tour to see the Ecological Park. A nature lover can book a trip with the Amazon Explorers and get soaked with nothing but untouched, unspoiled nature.
The museums and galleries throw light on the Amazonia groups as you see the artifacts and exhibits.
Manaus is not less known for its beaches. Its best beach lets you walk on its white sand with tea-colored water. Igreja São Sebastião is Manaus’s largest and the oldest church. It has some outstanding paintings. As you take a break, treat yourself to some Amazonian food. Reach Manaus’ Y-shaped Parque Jéfferson to relax on its green carpet. Shop for some local stuff as you leave Manaus, which is situated at the confluence of the Rio Negro and Rio Solimoes.

Sofia — Bulgaria

Best July Vacation Destinations

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Sofia

Let us take you around Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. It is the largest city situated at the foot of Mount Vitosha. It is in the western part of Bulgaria and is right in the center of the Balkan Peninsula. Sofia has many tourist attractions. It depends on the vacationers as to what they would want to visit during their holiday to Sofia. You visit the cathedrals and churches such as Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, which also houses a museum with Bulgarian icons. The second oldest church in Sofia is the Hagia Sophia Church. Then you have the Russian Church, Boyana Church, which is an Orthodox Bulgarian medieval church, and so also the Church of St. Petka of the Saddlers. You will also find an old red brick church amid the ruins of Serdica town, called Church of St. George. Make a quick visit to the Banya Bashi Mosque and the Sofia Synagogue. Seeing these above architectural buildings takes you a step back in history. Sofia has quite a few museums depicting different artifacts, weapons and works of art. The Earth and Man National Museum is worth a visit and so also the National Archaeological Museum.
Take a day out to the pretty tranquil lakes in Sofia. Lake Ariana is famous for its Auburndale City Beach and Marina. You can indulge in a few water activities here. Lake Pancharevo gets its name from the Pancharevo Gorge of the River Iskar. The young and old love to visit the Sofia Zoo. It is the largest and oldest zoological garden in Southeast Europe. It is divided into various sections, and each enhances your knowledge as you see the different species of animals, birds, insects and reptiles.
Your vacation is wrapping up, and so you let the children have fun at the amusement park that is called Sofia Land and lies close to the zoo. You relish the authentic Bulgarian cuisine in Sofia at its traditional taverns. It is now time to fly back home, and you head to catch your flight from Sofia Airport which lies at a distance of 12 km southeast from the city center.

Darwin — Australia

Best July Vacation Destinations

Mindil Beach, Darwin

Darwin is the gateway to Australia’s largest Kakadu National Park. It is a laid back tropical capital of the Northern Territory. Darwin is a cosmopolitan city and attracts tourists from across the seven seas. It is situated on the Timor Sea. Darwin city is built on a bluff overlooking the picturesque harbor bringing in gentle breezes. The port here is named ‘Port Darwin’ after Charles Darwin.
Darwin thrives on its tourism industry. Nature lovers visit it to explore and see the beauties of the Kakadu National Park. It is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The aboriginal people occupy most areas of the park. You can bush walk here and admire the rain forest. The Arnhem Land is where the Yolngu belong to for almost 60,000 years. It is also famous for the origin of the musical instrument, the didgeridoo. Litchfield National Park is fabulous with tall termite mounds, woodlands with all shades of green, waterfalls and plunge pools.
Darwin’s waterfronts are lively and exciting with all the sandy lagoons, parklands, shops, and restaurants. The town of Katherine has a lot in store for the vacationers. You can shop here for some authentic Aboriginal artifacts. Cutta Cutta Caves date back 500 million years with a series of glittering limestone crystal caverns. Mindil Beach is where you enjoy not only on the sands of the beach but wait to watch the setting sun with a riot of colors, and to view the starry sky. Darwin’s Mindil Beach Sunset Markets are vibrant with the tourist eager to taste the sizzling noodles and to shop for the Asia-Pacific art and craft not to forget to pick up some local stuff too. It is time now to travel homewards.

Seattle — USA

Best July Vacation Destinations

Space Needle, Seattle

Seattle is a city in Washington, USA. It is also loving called the “Emerald City.” Nature envelopes Seattle. You see it surrounded by evergreen forests, mountains, water, and parklands. You set out to see the iconic Space Needle, which is an observation tower with a revolving restaurant. It stands majestically at a height of 650 ft. It is Edward E Carlson’s dream turned into a reality in the futuristic World’s Fair in Seattle.
Pike Place Market is where you head to shop for crafts, farm-fresh produce, antiques, and books and enjoy a bite at its restaurants. It overlooks the Elliot Bay waterfront. The tourists with keen interest walk through the Experience Music Project Museum and so also the Museum of Flight and Museum of Science and reach the Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibit.
A fresh day begins by visiting the Woodland Park Zoo. It is amazing to see nature in this zoological park that has won many awards. The Myrtle Edwards Park is refreshing, and you move ahead to see the Seattle Great Wheel. It dazzles not only the tourist but locals too have fun here. The wheel lights up Pier 57. It’s an outstanding view of the Seattle waterfront with its gondolas. It is something you just cannot miss during your travel to Seattle. Your limited holidays leave you with a quest to return and explore what you have not seen in Seattle.

Tunis — Tunisia

Best July Vacation Destinations

Al-Zaytuna Mosque, Tunis

Tunis is the capital of Tunisia, a South African country where the Mediterranean and African climates blend. It welcomes its vacationers to a mix of ancient and modern cultures beneath its sunny blue skies. You discover diverse cultures and settlements as you go around Tunis. It has the footprints of the Romans, Spaniards, French, Vandals and Phoenicians on its terrain. The vacationers soak in the past of Tunis as they visit the many mosques, cathedrals, museums and the souk brimming with colorful shops.
Tunis is one of the beautiful Kasbahs of Tunisia. A visit to the hammams in Tunis is a must for its here that you get a sensual, exotic and a relaxing feeling. The Sidi Mahrez Mosque is one of Tunis’s best Ottoman buildings. Bardo Museum throws light on the diversified ancient North African life. It contains well-preserved artifacts and is Tunisia’s top museums. The Al-Zaytuna Mosque has an impressive courtyard and is a beautiful mosque in the center of Tunis.


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