Best Midwest Travel Destinations

/Best Midwest Travel Destinations

Best Midwest Travel Destinations

For your next vacation destination, you should consider travelling to the Midwest. This is a superb destination for any tourist around the globe, especially one who wants to have an American experience. The Midwest, also known as the America’s Heartland, is a land that in a big way epitomizes the United States of America. The people of the area have traits that hugely represent the USA. From the language, to the customs of the people, even to the landscape, you will get everything American, in the Midwest countries. Below are some of the best Midwest travel destinations that you should visit when touring the region.

The Indiana Dunes State Park

Among the Midwest countries, Michigan is one country that has a lot in wait for the traveler who appreciates beautiful landscapes, and has a love for the outdoors. Among the many attractions here, is the Indiana Dunes State Park. The park covers a large area of unique pre-historic land that combines a wooded area, an area covered with shifting sands, and the rolling shores of Lake Michigan. Visiting the shore of Lake Michigan makes one feels like they are at the beaches of an awesome coast. If you time your visit right, as in… In the summer, you can get a wonderful beach-like experience.

There are many visitors here during the summer. Some come to enjoy swimming on the lake, where it is permitted in the presence of a lifeguard. Others come to camp at the camp, which has adequate camping facilities including electric power, shower facilities, which have hot water, and there is a shelter in case of bad weather. Other attractions, which depend on the season, include skiing, hiking, sledding, and bird watching.

Wisconsin Dells

The Wisconsin Dells is a favorite for many travelers who revel in water parks and water sports. The attraction was forged by the waters of the Wisconsin River, which created the number one attraction for family outings. It has been dubbed the “Water Capital of the World” for the many exciting water parks. There are several indoor water parks, which makes them operational all year round, the season notwithstanding. The many attractions include taking a walk in Devil’s Lake or the Mirror Lake State Park. If your fancy is fishing, the Wisconsin provides good waters where you can fish all year round!

Children visiting the Dells can have a splendid time go-karting, thrill rides, and the various slides. There are many restaurants, wineries, and nightclubs, which surround the water parks. You could also have a chance of enjoying some live performance in the evenings. While visiting the Wisconsin Dells, you should not miss the opportunity of tasting their tasty local fudge.

The Isle Royale National Park

The Isle Royale National Park, located near Lake Superior, and partially in Michigan, is one of the best Midwest travel destinations. The park is actually a series of islands that are of some rough nature and the nature lover will enjoy traversing the land. Many visitors come here every year. Many of the visitors are individuals who have a love for hiking and generally people who want to have some adventure in rough country. Many visitors come to this place and stay for more than a day. For those who want to stay more than a day, there is the option of camping, or lodging at the Rock Harbor. Touring the park can be done on foot or on a boat. Combining the boat tour and backpacking will give you a greater experience.

The island is home to lots of wildlife most prominent among them, being moose and wolves. The animals should not be feared though. The bigger threat comes from the plentiful mosquitoes that are expected in the mushy grounds. Campers must come prepared with all that they need including clean drinking water. The park is not open all year long and has to be closed in winter due to the harsh weather conditions.

Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Another great Midwest travel destination is Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Located along the Cuyahoga River, this is the fifth most visited park in the United States. The Cuyahoga River actually means the “Crooked River,” and it was thus named by the Native Mohawks who named it so due to its winding nature. The riverbed has a scenic landscape that includes steep ravines, expansive rolling riverbeds, and wooded sections along the river. The park boasts more than 3,000 species of flora, which include beech, hemlock, oak, and birch. If you visit the park in the autumn, you can see the beautiful changing of leaves. There are many radiant flowers here, which in turn attract many birds. The bird viewer will really enjoy viewing the bird especially when the flowers are blooming. Visitors can come to the park any time of the year. In the winter, skiing down the slopes is a major attraction.

In Cuyahoga Valley National Park, there is the Mill Creek Falls in Newburgh Heights. It has a 45-foot drop that is a great sight to behold. There is the Village of Peninsula in the Cuyahoga Valley, which has all kinds of shopping places, restaurants, galleries, and the buildings have fine architecture of the 19th Century. Here you will find the Cuyahoga Valley Museum, which has galleries depicting the history of the region.


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