Adieu 2014 – Best Places to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

/Adieu 2014 – Best Places to Celebrate New Year’s Eve

We bring you the best places to celebrate New Year’s Eve. As the year comes to a close, you find yourself in the mood for celebration. There is merriment in the air, and you look forward to drinking, dining, and dancing until the dawn of the New Year.


Best Places to Celebrate New Year's Eve
Sydney Harbour is the most happening place to be on New Year’s Eve. The display of fireworks lights the night sky with myriad colors. Sydney is one of the first international cities on the earth to the witness dawn of the new year. Revelers from all across the globe look forward to being in Sydney on New Year’s Eve. You can go to Gladesville, Cockatoo Island, and Point Piper that are some of the popular vantage points near Sydney Harbour.

Las Vegas

Best Places to Celebrate New Year's Eve
What better place to usher in the New Year’s Eve than Las Vegas! Enjoy the showdown of fireworks and be part of the craziest night of the year. Las Vegas is the mecca for party people, and thousands of revelers visit it every year on New Year’s Eve to make it an unforgettable night by partying on until dawn breaks along with their buddies. So dance, drink, enjoy a candlelight dinner and try your luck at one of the many casinos on New Year’s Eve.


Best Places to Celebrate New Year's Eve
Berlin is ready to welcome the New Year. You can witness an incredible night of celebrations in the open air right in the heart of Berlin. People in countless numbers throng the Victory Column and the Brandenburg Gate. It’s fun to join in the street dancing. At the stroke of midnight, the Berlin skyline looks glamorous with its mega fireworks. The party continues until dawn. The night of nights for Berliners and there is no closing time on this special night each year.

New York City

Best Places to Celebrate New Year's Eve
Times Square is the most happening place in New York City to usher in the New Year. There is an unbelievable display of fireworks at midnight as the geodesic ball drops down with confetti covering the skyline at New York’s Times Square. Famous artists perform to the cheers of the enthusiastic people who have come from all over the world.


Best Places to Celebrate New Year's Eve
The party and celebrations start in Edinburgh, Hogmanay three days prior to the countdown. Musical bands and carol singing in cathedrals paves the way for the final countdown. Pyrotechnics lights up the Edinburgh sky. It looks beautiful with the lighted castles in the backdrop. Music, revelry, and fireworks welcome the New Year. There are a number of torchlight processions and magical fireworks in Edinburgh and many Scottish cities.


Best Places to Celebrate New Year's Eve
The Tokyo skyline witnesses fireworks that one can view for miles. The Tokyo Bay and Tokyo Tower witness the flickers of different colors. All hotels are jam packed, and every reveler is out watching belly dancers, fireworks, making merry and reveling in night long parties. All are out to savor every moment until the break of dawn.


Best Places to Celebrate New Year's Eve
London has introduced a ticketing system for this New Year’s Eve celebrations. Book your tickets and be sure to witness an electrifying display of fireworks. The view from the river on the famous South Bank will be stunning with a blaze of colors lighting up the London night sky. Celebrate this New Year’s Eve with the fireworks presented by the Mayor of London and welcome 2015 as the clock strikes 12 at midnight. London has countless places to celebrate and have a fantastic time until dawn.


Best Places to Celebrate New Year's Eve
Welcome the New Year at the legendary St. Mark’s Square in Venice. The bell tower of St. Mark’s Basilica counts down the time and at the stroke of midnight Venice bursts into a magical display of fireworks. People spend the night until daybreak dancing, singing, and enjoying every sip of their drink with a candlelight dinner. This year Venice will glitter the skies with sparkling diamonds at Palazzina G. Everything around will be shimmering and glamorous.


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