Best Places to Visit in Greece

/Best Places to Visit in Greece

Greece is popular for its beautiful beaches, nightlife, restaurants and archeological sites. You and your family have hit upon one of the best places to visit in Greece, Delphi. It was considered by the ancient Greeks as the middle of the earth where heaven and earth met.

Greece has a very diverse landscape with mountains, valleys, boulders of rocks looming overhead and the blue sea. It is greener than you might imagine it to be and a haven for adventure seekers with its spectacular gorges and valleys.

Delphi is known for its natural beauty, archeological findings and the Greek historical background. It is pulsating and attracts numerous visitors all year round. It is a must visit place in Greece.

The Oracle of Delphi is situated here. In the ancient world, this Oracle was considered to be the most trusted Oracle. The Spirit of Apollo gave advice on everything that one wanted to know about.

1. Archeological Museum of Delphi

Best Places to Visit in Greece

Sphinx of Naxos

The visitors find in the ancient grounds of the Oracle of Delphi the Archeological Museum. The area is surrounded by ruins. The museum has a collection from the kingdoms and islands of the ancient Greek world. The charioteer is in the center of the museum. It is made of copper, silver and the eyes are made of onyx. It is man-sized and was sculpted around 470 BC.

The visitors also see the Sphinx of Naxos, the acanthus column of dancers and other important archeological findings. This museum has a number of treasures of Sifnos, Athens, Sparta and from other states in ancient Greece.

2. Sanctuary of Apollo

Best Places to Visit in Greece

Ruins of the Temple of Apollo

You are here to visit the Doric Temple of Apollo. On entering the site, you first come across the pedestal that held the statue of a bull. Then you see the remains that remind one of the battle victory. There are on either side of the Scared Way two semicircular structures erected by the people of Argos. You will notice to the right the Kings of Argos Monument. You explore with keen interest the UNESCO World Heritage town that is home to the Temple of Apollo.

3. Gymnasium

Best Places to Visit in Greece

Gymnasium Bath

Your sightseeing will take you to the remains of the ancient gymnasium. It lies west of the Sanctuary of Athena Pronea. The gymnasium has a spring-fed circular pool. Tracks for running and much more are visible in the ruins. The ruins speak for themselves about the place. You are kept engrossed and being a history lover thank yourself for having chosen Delphi as one of the best places in Greece.

4. Sikelianos Museum

Best Places to Visit in Greece

Angelos & Eva Sikelianos Museum

If you are a fan of drama then head to this Museum. It is a mansion overlooking Delphi. It is dedicated to Angelos Sikelianos, the Greek poet, and his wife. This couple together set up in Delphi a European centre for drama and the arts.

5. Mt. Parnassus

Best Places to Visit in Greece

The National Park of Parnassus

You shut your historical mind, and the adventurer in you takes on as you admire the large Mt. Parnassus looking down over Ancient Delphi. The flora and fauna are simply outstanding at the Parnassus National Park. The panoramic view delights every tourist and its sheer slopes attract many a trekker, skier and rock climber. Mt. Parnassus stands majestically at 8,061 ft.

There are a number of tours operating in and around Delphi. You can book one of these and enjoy the best places to visit in Greece. In Delphi, you enjoy the local traditional cuisine with mezédhes and salads with a grilled vegetable Souvlaki. Taste and savor the Greek wine.

Delphi’s peak season is from April to May and July to September. If you are going to visit during these months then do book your hotel room in advance even though Delphi has plentiful accommodation. You land at Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport (Athens, Greece) from where it is 79 miles to Delphi. There are a number of airlines operating in and out of the Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport.

From Athens, you can take a tour to Delphi. It is 180km from Athens. A wrap up of Delphi is that it sits on a cliff edge and is known as the eagle’s-nest town. The Greeks have made it a tourist attraction and the base for making inroads to other tourist destinations in Greece. There’s a smile on your face as you and your family wish goodbye to one of the best places to visit in Greece.


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    Mt. Parnassus is my favorite place and I have visited with my friends in last days. I have a cool time while mine visit and openly recommend you all must be there at least once.