Best Spring Break Destinations for 2015

/Best Spring Break Destinations for 2015

Spring is the best time to get out and away on a short break. Sunshine is much needed after the snowy winters. It is a new beginning for the earth awakens as new leaves sprout and buds appear waiting to bloom. Everything around gets a new zest as nature starts to blush with a riot of beautiful colors. There are always a few best spring break destinations that all wait to visit.

Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia

Best Spring Break Destinations

Your spring vacation starts off in the beautiful village of Harrison Hot Springs. It has a rich history and is filled with natural wonders. The village has a picturesque setting against Southwestern British Columbia’s mountains, a lake, and sandy beaches.
Harrison has a lot to offer to its vacationers with family or friends. The hot springs here are world famous. It also gives you a chance to indulge in water sports, hiking, fishing, wildlife viewing, golfing and boat tours. Harrison has a number of waterfront affordable accommodations and dining facilities. Harrison Hot Springs is conveniently located in the Mighty Fraser Country. A 90-minute drive from Vancouver or a 3-hour drive north of Seattle, Washington USA.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Best Spring Break Destinations

Cabo San Lucas has a lot to offer to it’s fun-filed adventurous tourists. Enjoy your spring break on its famous beaches, Playa Medano with crystal clear waters, calm and safe for swimming. Take a pango and visit the natural feature of El Arco, partially filled with the tide waters. Watch the Pelicans, sea lions, the lapping sea waves and the bright blue sky with cruise ships in the backdrops.
The tourists can enjoy water sports like snorkeling, stand-up paddle-boarding, and kayaking. Snorkeling is adventurous with a guide. You can see the angle fish, sea fans, coral, parrot fish and a lot more as you snorkel on the reef off the coast of Los Cabos. Visit Cabo’s sprawling market area. You will be amazed to see dozens of shops with crafts from around the world. Pick up a souvenir to remind you of your holiday at Cabo San Lucas with all its beauty and a jazzy nightfall.

Poipu Beach, Hawaii

Best Spring Break Destinations

Poipu Beach is family friendly, and you are sure to enjoy here during your spring vacation. Start off with its beautiful beaches. Poipu Beach is the most famous beach and has a park too. It has golden sand crescent. You can enjoy your water sports here. The southern coastline of Kauai has beaches with formations. You can scuba dive, swim, surf or laze on the Poipu Beach Park. Baby Beach is perfect for children with its shallow and calm waters. It is crescent shaped. Other beaches are Lawai Beach, Brennecke’s Beach and a few other.
Away from crowds enjoy fishing at the Waita Reservoir. In Hawaii, it is the largest inland freshwater body. Enjoy in this tropical paradise. There is a lot to do and see in and around Poipu Beach. Nightlife here shimmers with music, dance, cocktails as you dance the night away. Accommodation here is plenty.

Lake Havasu, Arizona

Best Spring Break Destinations

Lake Havasu is the 2015 hot spot in the West for a spring break. After the long snowy winters, tourists want to get back to the fun and enjoy boat parties. Parker Dam on the Colorado River adds to its popularity. Boat rentals are plentiful for you to have a great time. Take a ride off from Lake Havasu City to Lake Havasu Island. You are thrilled as you are attacked by prehistoric piranha released by an underwater fissure. You booze, dance and recharge yourself like never before on your holiday at Lake Havasu.
Students especially enjoy this electrically charges atmosphere at Lake Havasu. Theme parties are organized at Havasu’s desert oasis. London Bridge area and also the beaches, resorts, and the English Village are brimming with tourists. Everyone is clad in shorts, bikinis and swimwear partying, dancing and sunbathing. Get going and get the feel of Lake Havasu.

Daytona Beach, Florida

Best Spring Break Destinations

Daytona is full of fun, frolic and activities for the young and elderly. Spend your spring break at Daytona Beach swimming and surfing. Daytona Beach is full of hard packed sand. It stretches up to 23 miles. You can park your car right on the beach, and your spring break starts right away. There is a pedestrian zone that surrounds the pier, and as you walk ahead you will find restaurants, bars and a variety of shops.
You can also take an airboat ride and travel the exciting tour into the heart of Lake Jesup and Lake Harney. The Daytona Lagoon is a place with exciting speed slides, curvy and twisty turns which give you an unforgettable experience. Your day at the lagoon keeps you thrilled every moment.The family enjoys as kids take in every opportunity to splash the gallons of water down the rides.
Daytona is the birthplace of speed. Get a firsthand experience at the Grand Prix Kart Raceway, climb the rock wall, and hop on to the Island Hopper. Play and win a prize at the Mega Arcade, which is the largest and most up-to-date in the Volusia County area.
The other attractions at the Daytona Beach Area are the Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse. It is one of the most historic light stations in the nation today. It houses a museum and is 10 miles from Daytona Beach. Do visit the Daytona Beach Boardwalk and discover all that it has in store to offer its visitors. The vehicle speeders will be all excited as they speed down the Daytona 500 and other car races. Check the dates, buy tickets and do what you always longed for: Speed.
You can also visit during your spring break Atlantic City, New Jersey, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Santacruz, California, and Zion National Park, Utah.


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