Best Spring Destinations You Gotta Visit

/Best Spring Destinations You Gotta Visit

Springtime is the best time of the year. You put back your winter gear and set out to witness the beauty of spring. We have explored a few of the best spring destinations here for you to visit.   

Best Spring Destinations – Top 6

Zante – Greece

Zante - Best Spring Destinations

Best Spring Destinations: Zante

Zante is nature’s glorious resort. Way down the coast of western Greece lies this most popular spring break clubbing destination resort. The Zante Beach has shelving sands which invite the children, young and old alike, to its beautiful beach. The island offers great views of Zante town from atop the hillside where your eyes feast upon the charming Bohali remains.

A typical Mediterranean climate invites the tourists to spend springtime at Zante. It is definitely one of the best spring destinations. With the sunshine to greet you and lesser people around during spring, a wonderful holiday awaits you as you laze on the beach or enjoy the watersports.

The vacationers love to visit Marathonisi Island, also known as Turtle Island, which lies to the west of Zante.

Kalamaki is the longest beach in Zante with fine golden sand. At its far end you can visit a stunning rocky cliff of sparkling gypsum. It lies at Crystal Beach. The Zante Beach is lined with beach bars, umbrellas, and sunbeds. The young club here to have fun and frolic in the sun.

We will not reveal the many more enjoyable sites at Zante. Go and explore it yourself!

Basel – Switzerland

Basel - Best Spring Destinations

Best Spring Destinations: Basel

Springtime in Basel is full of activity. Sun shining, you go around the buzzing Basel with its young tourists clubbing around in a perfect holiday mood. The tourists, with a sprint in their walk, go around the quaint Basel town discovering its museums, historical places, churches, and walking down its colorful streets. Spring transforms Basel as its icy blanket melts to give way to a chirpy springtime making it one of the best spring destinations. Colors dot the place with blooming blossoms.

A three-day Basel carnival is held before Ash Wednesday. There is plenty of music in the air around this time.

Basel is a small metropolis nestled in the heart of Europe. It enjoys a multicultural, happy, and innovative population. You enjoy on the banks of the Rhine as you take a walk down the old town with romantic streets and stop to savor its varied cuisine.   

Every moment is sunny and enjoyable in Basel from the minute you touchdown on its binational EuroAirport, the only such airport in the world. A fifteen-minute drive from the airport and you find yourself in the city center of Basel. Now starts your wonderful holiday during spring with your buddies.

Zagreb – Croatia

Zagreb - Best Spring Destinations

Best Spring Destinations: Zagreb

Springtime is a fun time as the gray winter days slip by giving way for sunny days and blooming trees. The birds are out to enjoy the radiance of spring. We bring you a wee closer to Zagreb during spring. This is the best time to club along with family and friends in Zagreb, a beautiful town in Croatia.

Zagreb is rollicking with cheerful activities, music, dance festivals, and the streets dawn a colorful appearance. Just walk out of your hotel room and get going to the many parks with greenery all around. Enjoy not only the day but do get the feel of Zagreb’s nightlife with buzzing cafés and the clubs at the lake Jarun. Springtime is when people head to the coast and islands. Tourists as well as Croatians, Italians, and Slovenians choose their place of choice in Croatia during their spring break. Many fly into Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia.

The town has 18th-century buildings with shops, bars, restaurants, the towering cathedral, and a fresh local produce Dolac market. This little hilly upper town has its own charm and beauty. Down in the lower town of Zagreb, your eyes will meet the freshly blooming trees in a line of parklands and a feast of historical museums.

A visit to the unique ecology of Plitvice Lakes National Park will leave you awestruck. You are thrilled to see the turquoise waterfalls and streams bubbling around from the sixteen lakes within the periphery. The flora and fauna are just truly amazing. This national park lies in the Licko-Senjska County midway between Zagreb and Zadar. Get going and let us know more about the spectacular springtime town of Zagreb.

Halifax – Canada

Halifax - Best Spring Destinations

Best Spring Destinations: Halifax

Springtime time here greets its visitors with red maple blossoms, the Indian white pear blossoms, and the pink apple and cherry blossoms. They mingle in spring in this gorgeous corner of Canada. It is a delight to be in Halifax during springtime. This season of sunshine and lengthy days beckon the tourist and locals to enjoy along its waterfront.

In cafés and restaurants, you hear the laughter and chattering of people. You can go to the antique bookstores and the pottery and pewter art shops. A walk along the waterfront moves your gaze to the ancient timber warehouse and granite buildings. You witness a blend of fishing boats and working tugs alongside with the Dartmouth Ferry and bobbing yachts. The maritime museum is definitely worth a visit.

Halifax is the capital and the biggest city of Nova Scotia. Far up you see the Citadel Hill with museums and an art gallery. The Old Town Clock is in the center of Halifax. A relaxing time awaits you in the parks and botanical garden. There are many churches. And yes, do not forget to visit St. Paul’s Church built from timber. Before winding off to your hotel room, have a bite of seafood at a restaurant.

Punta Cana – Dominican Republic

Punta Cana - Best Spring Destinations

Best Spring Destinations: Punta Cana

A chilled out atmosphere greets you at Punta Cana. Relax at the beaches or at your private hotel, each with a tranquil and beautiful beach. Most of the private resorts have a pool with bars where you and your buddies can club and enjoy pool parties.

Punta Cana is an incredible springtime destination. The beaches are full of fun and excitement as you walk or relax on the fine white sand and coral sand beaches. They are 21 miles and are the finest beaches in the world. The towering and swaying palm trees is where you can relax and sip your Pina Colada. Laze in a hammock, swaying gently, or if you prefer, go to the tranquil beach waters and get drenched.

Tourists can take a day cruise to see what lies within Punta Cana. Try your luck at the fun-filled and thrilling Punta casinos. You get a superb feeling while snorkeling the 19-mile-long coral reef. In Punta Cana, a wonderful spring break destination with huge resorts, stunning beaches with crystal clear waters and much more awaits you.

Ibiza – Spain

Ibiza - Best Spring Destinations

Best Spring Destinations: Ibiza

Springtime is a great time to visit Ibiza. It has just woken up from its winter slumber. You, along with your family, are out to enjoy Ibiza with all its colors and sunshine. Displaying the different shades of green, the riot of colorful flowers, beautiful beaches, and a clear blue sky is what everyone witnesses on this island during springtime.

Ibiza is not only for diehard partygoers, clubbing together at the quaint island to mingle with the sound of music, dance, and beer. You can refresh in the sweet-smelling air as you go cycling, hiking, or going to the picture perfect villages. You visit the café for a mug of beer or coffee or drop by the restaurant to have lunch and taste the local cuisine.

Ibiza springtime is magical and is the most beautiful time not only for the tourists but also for the locals. The vast forest and countryside are just stunning. Everything is full of renewed energy in Ibiza, which is the warmest of the Balearic Islands. You soak in the beauty as you peacefully go around the beaches discovering the hidden coves, hike among the enticing terrain, and admire nature in all its grandeur. You can visit the mystical rock Es Vedra from where you catch awe-striking views.

Get going to the Ses Salines, a natural wildlife park. The children, along with yourself, will like the sweet melodious chirping of the 200 different species of birds. You will fall in love with the beauty of Ibiza not wanting to leave, yet you will have to bid adieu and fly back home.


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