Best Winter Destinations That Are Truly Winter Wonderlands

/Best Winter Destinations That Are Truly Winter Wonderlands

Winter is a time not to hibernate but to enjoy the season no matter which place you choose for your vacation. Take a pick from our best winter destinations and start preparing for it.

Auli – Uttarakhand, IndiaAuli - Best Winter Destinations

Auli has spectacular natural views. It is well known as a ski resort. A hilly terrain with stunning snow peaks vistas of the gigantic Himalayas. Auli has oak lining its slopes and is surrounded by coniferous forests.

There are lovely apple orchards and a morning walk is a precious experience in Auli. It is known as a haven for skiers.

Gurso Bugyal is an altitude of 3056 meters and you can enjoy a splendid trek 3 km from Auli. The views from here are spellbinding as you see the Himalayan peaks of Nanda Devi, Trishul and Dron. Chattrakund is a fairytale place ahead of Gurso Bugyal with a crystal clear water lake.

Auli is a preferred skiing resort for its glittering slopes. It is a ski village where tourist love to experience and adrenaline rush sporting their skiing skills. Auli is in the Garhwal Himalayas and has a clean environment offering exciting skiing opportunities to both the professional and beginners. The powdery snow at Auli attract skiers and you can well call it one of the best skiing grounds of the world.

Adventure seekers find the winter months thrilling as one gets an opportunity for not only skiing but also indulging in other water sports. Join an authentic skiing program. You will love Auli as you meander down the snowy slopes of Auli.

Lake Baikal – Siberia, RussiaLake Baikal - Best Winter Destinations

Lake Baikal is one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world. It is a rift lake. It is rich in biodiversity and its watershed region has many floral species.

Baikal during winter months is an epic frozen lake of Siberia. It turns into an adventure zone beckoning one and all to have a spellbinding time on its frozen snow. Winter is the season to experience the magnificence and to enjoy on this playground with wintery winds cutting through you.

Baikal, the most ancient lake, is impossible to describe. You have to visit Baikal to know what this Siberian lake is all about. Baikal, the frozen lake, looks glassy with cracks, ice packs, and small crevices. It gives an onlooker a cloudy experience. Football players and passing hovercraft turn it in patches like black marble.

You gear yourself as you prepare to set your foot on this brutal ice sheet to get into your hovercraft. At sunset, you get off to witness the stunning change of color as the snow becomes copper colored. The ice glows and soon turns dark. The whole atmosphere changes with sunset. There is music in the air and you sip Sovetskoye Shampanskoye. The taverns line the shore-side and you experience the bitter Siberian winter with the locals. The locals tread fearlessly and you see the rosy-cheeked children sledging on the Baikal frozen lake.

Abisko – SwedenAbisko - Best Winter Destinations

Abisko lies 200kms above the arctic circle. It is a popular winter destination in Sweden. The Northern Lights have attracted many tourists to Abisko. Head to the Aurora Sky Station by a chair lift to witness the Northern Lights from a mountain.

You can indulge in a number of winter sports activities in Abisko. Get going on the dog sledge or scaling up a frozen waterfall or better still hike in the sheer wilderness of the arctic. You go crossing the frozen river, mountains and forests. If you are fond of fishing, you can go ice fishing or else with your rock skis go skiing down the slopes.

Abisko is surely an adventurer’s hub. Wrap up your woolies and explore the wonders of this Swedish town. You can also visit the Abisko National Park, Björklidens golf course which is the world’s northernmost and remains packed with snow in winter. Visit the simple Sami village and before you wrap up your winter vacation do visit the ice hotel.

Rovaniemi – FinlandRovaniemi - Best Winter Destinations

Enjoy the magic of winter in the hometown of Santa Claus. Rovaniemi is a fairytale place amidst the arctic wilderness. Witness the Aurora Borealis. This unbelievable phenomenon of nature is simply mesmerizing. Rovaniemi is a place where from any point you can witness the beautiful sparkling sky. A safari on snowmobiles to Santa village and a reindeer sledge ride is a must in Rovaniemi.

This winter place gives you a chance to dip in the arctic lake and then take a sauna which is the heart of Finnish tradition. Go fishing on the arctic lake or river with a local guide. It is a wonderful experience taking a snowshoe trip to enjoy the winter beauty of Lapland. Light a bonfire and then get on Altai skis to the admire the beauty of the snow-covered scenery. An enchanting landscape awaits you at Pyhä-Luosto National Park. Ranua Zoo gives you a rare moment to stroll around and see the animal and birds that live in the natural conditions of the northern latitudes. You will just not feel like bidding adieu to Rovaniemi with all its splendid winter activities done along with safaris or guided tours.


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