Blue Mountains – A Stone’s Throw from Sydney

/Blue Mountains – A Stone’s Throw from Sydney

Blue Mountains

Visit the Blue Mountains in Australia. Take a close look at the blue horizons overlooking dense green rainforests and canyons. The air you breathe is fresh and crisp. This is a unique place for every visitor. Walk through the sleepy hamlets, talk to the simple down to earth people and move ahead to get an awesome view of the sheer white blanket of the waterfalls. The Blue Mountains is a place with views and attractions. The tourists will find these mountains magical, calling them throughout the year.

The Blue Mountains are full of eucalyptus trees. You get the aroma with every breath. The light rays peeping through these leaves reaches you with a blue hue. Every season has something different to offer the tourists at the Blue Mountains. The summers refresh, spring scatters colors across, autumn brings with it a glow, and winters are pleasantly cool. The Blue Mountains saw themselves on the World Heritage List of 2000.

The Blue Mountains are a region steeped in history and they throw open a gateway to Western New South Wales. The flora and fauna attract every tourist. In the surroundings of the Blue Mountains, you feel relaxed and at home with nature. There is a sense of community spirit, culture, history and sights in each town.

Sydney is just 50 minutes away from the lower Blue Mountains. They have schools, churches, sports facilities, shopping and cinemas around them. Enjoy eating at the restaurants and cafés. Have a drink at the pub or else visit the weekend craft market. You are sure to buy a few eye-catching items. Move around town by rail or bus. The Blue Mountains is a very sought after area.

The Blue Mountains has a lot to offer its visitors. It holds events and festivals. The area is full of open gardens. You don’t feel like leaving the Blue Mountains.

As you drive down from Sydney, you are glued to the scenery around. Some tourists prefer the thrills of a rail journey to the Blue Mountains.

The Three Sisters at Blue Mountains

The Three Sisters is a spectacular landmark in the Blue Mountains. Millions of people visit this iconic attraction. It is an unusual rock formation. According to legends, three sisters were turned into stone. This is the belief of the Aboriginals. With every ray of sunlight throughout the day, the Three Sisters glow in different shades of golden color. They look magnificent and attractive at night as they are lit up by floodlights till 11pm. The Three Sisters differ a little in size. They stand in the Blue Mountains proudly at 992, 918 and 906 meters tall.

The Blue Mountains have some wonderfully laid out beautiful private gardens and some just open to one and all. Even schools conduct tours for children like eco-tours, toddler’s treasure hunt, campfire fun, etc. This activity is undertaken by National Parks Discovery Blue Mountains.

The Six Foot Track at Blue Mountains

Take the 44 km walking track popularly known as The Six Foot Track. You follow the trail from Katoomba to Jenolan Caves. Everything looks different and amazing as you pass through forests, national parks and some indescribable pristine Blue Mountain valleys. It takes three days to cover the entire Six Foot Track tour full of amazing natural surroundings.

The Six Foot Track tour will give you an insight into the history, farmlands, trees, Cox’s River, an abandoned Megalong village. You pitch your tent on a campsite near the River bend and relax to rejuvenate for the next day.

The second day of your tour takes you up the Mini-Mini Saddle, down the Alum Creek and then up again Pluviometer and last you land at your Black Range Campsite.

On the third and final day of your Six Foot Track tour, you pass through some rugged terrain and reach the Jenolan Caves. This trek is best taken in spring with a burst of colors around you or in the pleasant autumn. You have loads of amazing sights clicked on your camera to view later when you are back home with family and friends.

There are many other activities around Blue Mountains, Australia like bush walks, which are spectacular, camping with a bonfire, dancing and singing and visiting each town of Blue Mountains.


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