Boracay – The Thrilling Island

/Boracay – The Thrilling Island


Boracay is a tropical paradise for its tourists. It is seven kilometers long, and its width is less than a kilometer. It is an island 2 kilometers off the north most tip of Panay Island. Boracay is about 315 kilometers south of Manila. It lies in the Western Visayas region of the Philippines. Boracay is famous for its beaches, water sports and nightlife that pulsates the entire atmosphere around this small island.

White Beach

The tourists love to see the white powdery sand against the azure water. This beach is split into three sections. The first one is the northernmost and widest beach with resorts and hotels. The second section of the beach is more geographical and also commercial. The tourists shop, party and enjoy here. The third section of the White Beach is quiet and is not much developed. All the three sections are open to tourists to have fun, relax, enjoy and swim.

Puka Beach

This beach is at the northern tip of Boracay. It has white sand, clear waters and a peaceful atmosphere. The locals come here to gather puka shells, which they use to make jewelry. You will find a few vendors along the beach. It is a family picnic spot. The tourists can also visit Bulabog Beach, which is Asia’s top kitesurf beach.

The Bat Cave

In this cave, you will find fruit bats in the trees on the hillside. It is situated on the western-end of the island. Along with a guide you pass through forests up the hill to the cave. You have to carry a torchlight to see the bats for it is pitch dark inside the cave. Close to this cave is yet another one called the crystal cave. It is full of stalactites.

The tourists who are interested in water sports contact the Dive Centers along the white beach for scuba diving. Some prefer to see the beaches by taking a sailboat or by Kayak. Still others take a strike and cruise around. Parasailing is another sport enjoyed here by the tourists.

The tourists shop for colorful and trendy jewelry. They buy some figurines and visit budged malls to pick up souvenirs. There are a number of flea markets in Boracay. Handmade leather bags are a good gift item. You will find no two bags similar at the little Diango shop. Bamboo lampshades, wind chimes and many take home items are picked by the tourists. Even if you are on a shoe string budget, in the island market, you will surely get what you want that suits your budget.

Travelers from all over the globe visit Boracay. You will have plenty of cuisine to satisfy your taste buds.

From Manila, it’s an hour’s flight to Boracay. The tourists could also fly from Manila to Caticlan or Kalibo International Airport. They, then can take a bus to Boracay.


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