Brazil – The Football Destination 2014

/Brazil – The Football Destination 2014

Brazil - The Football Destination 2014

Your interest lies in football, and you are a diehard fan of this fast-paced, electrifying game. So go ahead and visit Brazil, the football destination 2014. The party has just begun. It will go on for a month over 12 cities. Choose your favorites and plan your trip. When in Brazil, you could also do some sightseeing.

Estádio Maracanã

You are a football lover, and your most favorite team will be playing in Rio de Janeiro. This stadium was built in the year 1950 for the FIFA World Cup. Down the years, it has passed through many unforgettable moments in world football and so also Brazilian. It has a huge seating capacity and majestic architecture. Many of Brazil’s greatest football players have sent the crowds here in a frenzy. Go witness the same frenzy as world footballers clash to win the FIFA World Cup.


You will again visit Estádio Maracanã to cheer your team after a day. Here is your chance to go out and have fun at the Balneário Beach in the neighborhood of Rio. It lies among a populated residential area and runs along three miles. Everything from here is close by, be it the stunning view of the granite slabs surrounding the bay, nightclubs, theaters, and restaurants. Time slips fast and slowly the dusk creeps over Rio. Next two days are for the game.


Now you wish to wrap up your football trip by going to see the pretty sun basking babes at the Leblon Beach. It is rich in natural beauty along with up-until dawn clubs. The young throng this beach and enjoy to the hilt in one another’s company, lazing in the sun. Pretty, colorful umbrellas dot the beach, and you see the young and the old enjoying the rippling waves come and go. The posh area around is attractive, and you dine with wine in one of its sizzling restaurants. Back to your hotel room, you pack up and head to the airport to catch your flight back home.

You travel to Brazil not for any other reason, but for a game close to your heart and the unforgettable magic of the football legend, Pele. You return home to watch the remaining thrilling moments of football and the finale with your loving family.

Belo Horizonte

You have arrived at Belo Horizonte, Brazil, the football destination 2014 with your friends. This city is the first planned city in Brazil. You and your friends have taken off from work to witness what you all have been seeing on your television sets all these days. You are here to cheer the Brazilian footballers in the first semifinals against Germany.

Brazil - The Football Destination 2014

Estadio Mineirão

This stadium has already witnessed five matches of the FIFA 2014 World Cup. Now it’s all ready to host the first semifinals between Brazil and Germany. Mineirão witnesses a packed stadium of the lovers of football from all over the globe. The atmosphere here will surely be all charged and vibrant with the voices of the enthusiastic onlookers, and as the whistle goes so starts the cheering.

Estadio Mineirão is one of Brazilian football’s historic venues. The city of Belo Horizonte is a place for football lovers. It is a hospitable and lively place. The city is proud to have this iconic stadium. You reach the stadium well in advance of the kickoff time.

Estadio Mineirão opened to the Brazilian footballers in the year 1965. Today, you and your friends have come to cheer the Brazilian team. This stadium has witnessed and staged many footballing memories. Once again, you will see it packed to capacity for the first semifinals. Your eyes will be set towards the Brazilian players as you settle for the show of skill, tactics, maneuvering, swiftness, and all the qualities a footballer requires to reach this stage.

Church of Saint Francis of Assisi

You along with your friends have arrived early morning to Belo Horizonte, and so you all hail a taxi and head to Pampulha to visit the Church of Saint Francis of Assisi. Here, you will pray for your favorite team to win in the first semifinals.

The design of this church is not on the lines of the other churches. Oscar Niemeyer designed this church in curves. This church is also known as Igreja de Pampulha. The front door of this masterpiece architecture faces the lake. Candido Portinari’s tile panels adorn the back wall. Because of its unusual design the inauguration of this church was delayed due to disputes. It lies in the Pampulha region of Belo Horizonte.

You will see the bell tower and so also the marquee at the entrance. The church has beautiful altars in its interior. The walls of this unique church are all covered with mosaics. Light enters the church through the vertical louvers. They are seen at the entrance and above the altar. The walls and the roof are in a series of parabolic arches. The outer northern side walls tell the onlooker as one watches tiled murals about the life of Saint Francis.

Americo Rene Giannetti Park

You all head to this ecosystem park in Belo Horizonte. The park has native as well as exotic trees, natural springs, trails and an orchid garden. The different species of birds keep on chirping and tweeting. Their sounds are melody to the ears.

The park holds many an event, and it is the first public municipal park in Belo Horizonte. The landscape of the park is well laid out by the French architect Paul Villon. And to your surprise the first Belo Horizonte soccer team was founded at this Americo Rene Giannetti Park.

With an eye on your wrist watch, you now head for lunch. You savor the authentic Minas food with some cold beer. All set for the game, you move towards the Brazil football destination 2014, and that’s none other than Estadio Mineirão. This will be your most memorable memory of Belo Horizonte as you reach back home at night after witnessing the beautiful game.

Sao Paulo

Today is a big day for thousands of football lovers. Brazil – The football destination 2014 is now all set for the second semifinals. The beautiful, fast-moving game will thunder the city of Sao Paulo.

Brazil - The Football Destination 2014

Arena Corinthians

Arena Corinthians was specially built to hold the 2014 FIFA World Cup matches. Many have been played here, and now it’s waiting the big day. The stadium is to the east of Sao Paulo. One can reach the stadium by hopping on to the red metro line 3 from the city center. The metro starts from the station Se or Republica. Get off at the station Corinthians-Itaquera.

Arena Corinthians will witness a match between Netherlands and Argentina. The stadium is not only new but also modern. It will today in history be the host of the second semifinals for the first time. The people of Sao Paulo are proud of Arena Corinthians. The dream of the Corinthians has come true after the construction of this stadium. As per FIFA rules, during the tournament, it will be called Arena de Sao Paulo. The designer of this stadium is Anibal Coutinho. The stadium during the world cup matches will have Wi-Fi and 4G LTE in all its sectors.

Sao Paulo in Brazil is its largest city. It is a cool city and is famous for its amazing nightlife, architecture, museum and food. You can listen to live samba music in one of its bars on Saturday. Visit the largest city park in Latin America where you can walk, bike, sit by the lake, and soak in the serene atmosphere. There are lots of things to do in Sao Paulo, but today is a special day, and so after a quick round-up of this city, a good lunch with a drink, you head to the final destination Arena de Sao Paulo (Arena Corinthians). Hope you enjoy and cheer for your favorite team, but do keep in mind when two teams play against each other, one has to win and the other has to lose. Bye, see you for the Brazil – The football destination 2014 finals.

Rio de Janeiro

Brazil - The Football Destination 2014

Estádio Maracanã needs no introduction. It is the venue for the FIFA 2014 World Cup Finals. The stadium will witness the thunderbolt final match between Germany and Argentina. The world will watch with glued eyes as the football maneuvers on the ground. There will be cheers and sobs echoing in the beautiful Estádio Maracanã.

Time will just slip by as the viewers side their favorite team. The elegant trophy will in a matter of 90 minutes belong to the winning team. The players will kiss the trophy, the ground, and hug each other with tears of immense joy. After all, it is a team game.

Let us see if Argentina’s long wait will get them the World Cup glory or if it is Germany who wins the tournament. The television viewers across the continents will get uninterrupted live coverage. So be sure not a soul will miss seeing the FIFA 2014 World Cup Finals. Cameras will be flashing throughout the course of the game. The closing ceremony will begin the proceedings on this the final day of the FIFA 2014 World Cup. If you are present at the Maracanã, it will be a spectacular show and an unforgettable memory.

Rio de Janeiro has prepared itself with tight security as the spectators pour in to witness their favorite team play in the finals. The hotels in Rio are seeing a tremendous influx of tourists. Sunday in Rio will see the climax of the World Cup in the iconic Estádio Maracanã. Eyes will move wherever Lionel Messi moves on the field. Will he and his teammates be able to mesmerize the people and lead Argentina to victory? On the other hand, captain Philipp Lahm of Germany is confident that he and his teammates will carry the World Cup trophy home.

Germany or Argentina, whoever lifts the FIFA World Cup 2014 trophy, will surely have celebrations as never seen before in Rio, as well as back home. Rio’s streets will be dazzling with jubilation after the game is over through to the early hours of the morning. The curtains finally will fall on Brazil – The Football Destination 2014.


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