Budapest – Steeped in Beauty and History

/Budapest – Steeped in Beauty and History


In Budapest, the tourists find the twin cities of Buda and Pest on the curve of the River Danube. The natural beauty attracts you and the splendid architecture make you admire the works of man. Pest city is wonderful in its own way, though surely Buda city is covered with greenery all around.

Tourist Attractions in Budapest

Budapest Parliament House

This Parliament House is situated on the riverbanks Pest. This is the largest parliamentary building in the world. You will see courtyards and buildings intricately designed in decorated spires. The dome is 96 meters high and can be seen from far.

The stunning facade of the building leaves you almost speechless. It is superbly magnificent, and you will find statues of Hungarian rudders, pointed arch arcades, Gothic ornaments and gargoyles decorate the entire buildings facade.

As the tourists move into the Parliament House, they are awestruck with the interiors decorated by Hungary’s best artists, there is a mixture of styles of Neo-Gothic with Renaissance and even some influences of Byzantine. The staircase hall is decorated with Corinthian granite columns, a painting on the huge ceiling by Karolyn Lotz.

The coronation crown of St. Stephen is well displayed in the circular Copula Hall.

Buda Castle and Buda Hill

In the 13th century, the first royal residence was built on Castle Hill. Buda Castle became the largest Gothic Palace of the late Middle Ages. The palace was destroyed while liberating Buda from the Turks. A new royal palace was rebuilt, but it was badly damaged at the end of World War II. Once again in Neo-Baroque style the palace was rebuilt.

Buda Castle has within it the Budapest History Museum, the Hungarian National Gallery and the National Library. The tourists see stonework of Medieval and Renaissance times. There are Gothic altars, Gothic wood sculptures, historic figures and paintings of the late 19th century.

The visitors can see the Buda Castle Hill from everywhere with all it’s Gothic arches, cobbled streets and Baroque houses. Walk around the hill and admire the neighborhood Trinity Square Matthias Church which is over 700 hundred years old. It is one of the oldest church in Buda. Walk to the 100 year old Fishermen’s Bastion. The Budapest Opera House is considered in Europe as the most prestigious musical institutions.

Chain Bridge and Around It

Buda and Pest were both connected by this first Chain Bridge. The view is beautiful as you cross the bridge. It looks glittering when lit up in the evening. Visit the Danube Promenade. It extends from the Elizabeth Bridge to the Chain Bridge along the banks of River Danube in Pest. The tourists visit the cafés here, see the Little Princess statue, Vigado Concert Hall. Vigadoter is the place from where Danube cruises depart. The Szechenyi Istvan Square is at the Pest end of the Chain Bridge. The tourists will find the Art Nouveau-style Gresham Plac and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences located here. Around Chain Bridge thee are restaurants and hotels. A number of tourists take the Danube River cruise. They admire the beauty and scenic surrounding around and enjoy a relaxing day. On an evening cruise tourist dine, wine and dance beneath the twinkling stars.

In summer festivals are held on the bridge. The Buda end of the bridge is at Clark Adam Square from where you go to Castle Hill by the Funicular.

The tourists to Budapest have a lot more to see and admire if time permits. Among the other attractions is Budapest Broadway which has four theaters, restaurants, a night club and two galleries. This is a busy area at night. In the heart of Budapest, you will see the Vorosmarty Square and the first Millenium Underground station. You can visit Ponte delle Cantene, Vajdahunyad Castle, Piazza degli Eroi and the Opera House. To escape from the hustle and bustle of Budapest head to Magaret Island. The recreational park here in the center of Danube River helps you relax, walk, swim and bicycle. Vehicles are prohibited here.

Travel Information

Budapest Liszt Ference International Airport is situated 10 miles from the city center. Many flights fly directly to Budapest while some airlines offer connections to Budapest. To reach the city, the tourists can take a cab, airport minibus or a private vehicle. Terminal I connects with the city center via rail.

Budapest has cold snowy winters, warm and sunny summers, and the hottest months are July and August. Spring is the best time to visit Budapest.

Budapest does not use the euro. The Hungarian currency is the Forint. The tourists can rest assure of paying in Euros at hotels, sightseeing tours and at supermarkets. Check the exchange rates, convert your currency and then pay in Forints. Currency exchange is also available at banks and also at some places like malls and tourists areas. In Budapest ATM’s are easy to find.

Stay At Budapest

Hotels are in plenty at Budapest. The choice of hotels is varied right from luxury 5 star hotels, romantic hotels, budget hotels, cheap hotels, to rent a city center apartment all in Budapest. The tourist find some good-value place which is nice to stay during your visit to Budapest.


The tourists can shop from small charming shops for some really unique products. You get Hungarian porcelain handmade folk-art souvenirs and food stuff. Do visit the Great Market Hall at the Pest end of Liberty Bridge. It’s fun shopping here with Hungarian women in folklore costumes and kerchiefs selling their products.


Hungarian cuisine is mouth-watering with its spicy dishes, sauces, soups, stews and yummy deserts. Drop on at a restaurant, cafe or bistro in Budapest and have a dish of chicken, paprikash, stuffed cabbage, goulash or beef stew.


A valid passport with a visa is your entry to Budapest. Nationals of America, Canada and Europe who have passports do not need a visa for a stay up to ninety days. The passport has to have a 3 months validity beyond your stay in Budapest. The Schengen Visa holder can travel to its European member countries without hassles. The Schengen Visa is a ‘visitor visa’ and is issued to citizens of countries who are required a visa before entering Europe.


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