Colorado Springs – Nestled at Pikes Peak

/Colorado Springs – Nestled at Pikes Peak

Cheyenne Mountain

Colorado Springs is in the east central portion and is the most populous city of El Paso County, Colorado, United States. It is situated on the Fountain Creek which is a tributary of the Arkansas River. Colorado Springs is at the base of the famous American mountains, Pikes Peak. The tourists will find the United States Air Force Academy here. Colorado Springs is Colorado’s largest city in terms of area. The Money magazine rated Colorado Springs as “Best Places to live”. The city is a tourist attraction for it has mountains, plains and deserts. The climate here is semi-arid. You will see abundant sunshine throughout the year. It has everything for everyone. That makes Colorado Springs a unique place for your vacation.

Tourist Attractions in Colorado Springs

Pikes Peak

Fun-filled exploration at Pikes Peak in Colorado Springs. This is the most happening and most visited mountain. You see a stunning background of Colorado Springs with the Pikes Peaks at an altitude of 14,115 feet above sea level.  Out of the 54 Colorado peaks tourist attractions, Pikes Peaks is one of them. The Peak lies in the Rocky Mountain Chain. The American anthem “America the Beautiful” was written by Katharine Lee Bates inspired by the beauty of Pikes Peaks. Pikes Peak is the most visited mountain attraction in North America and also the second most in the world. You can visit it year round.

Cave of the Winds – Adventure Lives Here

Cave of the Winds is a must-see tourist attraction in Colorado Springs. The cave has attracted many a tourist for more than a century.

The tourists can take the Discovery Tour which takes you back in time millions of years ago. Exploring the cave is a sheer thrill as you start from the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. With the guide, you walk up well-lit pathways.

The second tour is for the brave hearts. Think before you take the Lantern Tour. The caves attract you as you move on with your experienced guide. Your lantern light guides your step, and you venture deep into the Manitou Grand Caverns.

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

This is Americas only mountain zoo. Wow! What an attraction at the zoo for the tourist with its incredible collection. The world’s largest giraffe herds are found here. You are all set to spend at least four hours at this tourist attraction in Colorado Springs. Check out the huge elephants, rhinos, lions and meerkats. It is an out of the world experience with outstanding beauty on one side and the feeling of walking through the African savannah as you pass the animals. You will have a great day with your family.

Seven Falls

Spend a few hours here at the Seven Falls tourist attraction with your family or friends. You will not only enjoy the spectacular views but also the hike. Beautifully placed in Colorado Box Canyon you see seven cascading waterfalls. You forget where you are. Kids go on a scavenger hunt. “Eagles Nest” platform is where you reach by a mountain-elevator. Holding your breath you soak every bit of this perfect view. Seven Falls are 181 feet each falling down a solid cliff of pikes peaks granite. This is a unique tourist place that gives you a natural scenic view. It is a masterpiece. You can go up by stairs also and follow a trail – “Midnight Falls” – Inspiration Point from here you get an attractive view of the Colorado Springs. Wild life is at every twist and turn. There is a cafe outdoors where you can sip your coffee and marvel the beauty of the granite cliffs. Waterfall is like music to your ears. It is truly an experience which will flash before your eyes as you ponder on the tourist attractions of Colorado Springs.

Mount Rosa

Mount Rosa is cone-shape and in the Front Range of Colorado. It lies in the Pike National Forest. It is 11,499 feet mountain west of Colorado Springs. Mount Rosa attracts many hikers with its prominent form. A casual hiker can make it up to Mount Rosa with ease. The tourists can see the Sangre de Cristo Range including the Blanc Massif from atop Mount Rosa. If you have enjoyed your Mount Rosa trail, do come again. You will get different views of the spectacular surrounding beauty in summer and winter.

Garden of Gods

Garden of Gods is a National Natural Landmark in Colorado Springs. It is one of the tourist attraction places. It is a public park. The visitors see natural geological phenomena of red rock formations created millions of years ago. Even the prehistoric people used to camp around the park areas.

In the Garden of Gods, you will find vertical formations of rocks with white sandstones, conglomerates and limestone. This garden is an attraction for tourists from all over the world, which has a rich ecological resource. Tourists gaze in wonderment at these ancient sedimentary beds of deep-red and pink.

The Garden of Gods is the most striking contrast between the mountains and plains in North America. A number of birds and animal species abound this area. Tourist attractions in this garden include rock climbing, hiking, horse riding and mountain biking. Garden of Gods is the Colorado city’s most visited park. You will see different types of rock formations by nature such as the kissing camels, the llama’s head, the three graces and some unusual hogback formations. The park opens to the public from May to October from 5am to 11pm and from November to April from 9am to 5pm.

It’s time for you to bid adieu to Colorado Springs. Do visit again to unravel the unseen tourist attractions in Colorado Springs, which has more than 55 attractions and activities in the area.

Hotels are abundant, so there’s no accommodation hassles. Eat and be merry at its restaurants. Colorado Springs Airport is located 6 miles northeast of Colorado Springs in El Paso County, Colorado. The transport available at the airport will drop you at your hotel. Check all your relevant documents passport, visa etc. before planning your trip to Colorado Springs.


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