Dawson City – Center of the Gold Rush

/Dawson City – Center of the Gold Rush

Gold Rush, Dawson City

Dawson City in Yukon, Canada welcomes its tourist to the famous Gold Rush of 1896. You will find Dawson today as an energetic and forward-looking city. The people here have a rich history and heritage.

Dawson City is at the confluence of the two rivers, namely, Yukon and Klondike. It is becoming cosmopolitan with new residents and visitors coming to Dawson.

Dawson City has different shades to its side. Dawson City has a subarctic climate. It lies at the western end of the Tintina Fault. The Dawson City town is built on a layer of ice. In the year 1902, Dawson was incorporated as a city. Dawson has now become an industry for tourism and gold mining.

Tourist Attractions in Dawson City

The tourists can visit the School of Visual Arts and the Klondike Institute of Art and Culture. The institutes add a positive vibe to the cultural industry. This city is unique for it has well-preserved all its natural heritage. The tourists can take a downtown walking tour. This is the best way to see the incredible Dawson City. The Gold Rush period though brief is still remembered by the people.

Whitehorse after the gold rush became a major city overshadowing Dawson City. The Canadian government after the end of the Second World War realized the significance and importance of Dawson City. They preserved the heritage wealth of Yukon that’s Dawson City.

The visitors find something different about Dawson. Although small itself Dawson celebrates huge events in a spectacular way. Come and see the various events lined up all through the year.

Visit the homes that at one-time belonged to writers Jack London, Robert Service and Pierre Berton. There is an interpretive museum. It houses photos, newspaper articles, London memorabilia and documents at the Jack London Museum. There is yet another beautiful museum known as the Dawson City Museum. It is a National Historic Site and is housed in Old Territorial Administrative Building. The museum dates the artifacts to the mining history of Dawson and the Klondike. The museum is known for preserving and showcasing Klondike Mines Railway Locomotives. You will see a number of photographs and archives at this museum.

Dawson City has eight National Historic Sites which includes the “Dawson Historical Complex”. Dawson City stands at the halfway mark of the International Sled Dog Race. The city has its own softball tournament and holds a volleyball tournament.

Dawson City, Yukon celebrates Canada Day on the “Midnight Dome” with the Arctic Circle in sight. It is a wonderful way of celebrating with unmatched views of mountains, forests and rivers.

Dawson is tucked away in the middle of the Yukon wilderness. By night Dawson is full of music and a carnival by day. Dawson has a number of landmarks and monuments besides the mines.

Dawson City has uniquely named restaurants. Shop for some rare old-time souvenirs.

Getting to Dawson City

You will find the Dawson City Airport eight miles east of Dawson City. The tourists fly into Dawson Airport after a changeover at Whitehorse. From the airport, you can travel by bus or a cab or a car. The tourists are assured of spectacular visions of the surroundings no matter what your mode of travel is from Whitehorse to Dawson City, Yukon Canada.


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