Jeju Island

Jeju Island is also known “Samdado Island”. It is to the southwest of the Korean Peninsula. This is a volcanic island. The whole island is strewn with beautifully and unusually-shaped rocks. Jeju was chosen as the New 7 Wonders of Nature on 11-11-11. This island has a subtropical climate.

The island was once dotted with small fishing villages. Old grandfather stone statues are seen all over the island. Jeju attracts tourists for its lava tubes, rapeseed field and sea-women. The inhabitants of Jeju wear orange-colored clothes. The cloth of their outfits is dyed with persimmon juice. You will find small round stone towers in houses, at places of tourist attractions and even on beaches. This island being a volcanic one was created about two million years ago.

Jeju City

It is the largest one on Jeju Island. The Jeju International Airport is located here. The city is well-known for its resorts, hotels and casinos. One of the busiest air route in the world is the Gimpo-Jeju air route. If you are short of time, then hop on a Jeju City and Island tour bus. It is weekly tour.

Tourist Spots

Cheonjeyeon Waterfalls

These are three-tier waterfalls. From the first part, water falls into a pond, then it goes to the second part, and then to the third. Finally, the water reaches the ocean. It is worth watching the cascade as they pour down the cliff. Around the waterfalls are the forests known for their rarity. They are used for scientific research. Jeju also has two other waterfalls, namely, Cheonjiyeon and Jeongbang.

There is a bridge above the falls known as Seonimgyo Bridge. It is in the form of an arch. The bridge has seven nymphs carved each side. The bridge connects the east to the west, between the second and the third tier of Cheonjeyeon waterfall. Stone lanterns light up the bridge at night. When you cross the bridge after dusk, you get a feeling of being in a fairyland. You hear music when on the bridge, which is played by the nymphs. This bridge connects with the Jungum Tourist Complex. Fees are charged for crossing this bridge.

Yeomiji Botanical Gardens

This botanic garden is located within Jungum Resort. The tour train here takes you to the outdoor gardens as well as the indoor garden. This garden has some rare tropical and subtropical plants.

Mount Hallasan

This is the highest mountain in South Korea. There is a natural park around it. The other two mountains are Jirisan and Seoraksan. Hallasan on Jeju Island is a shield volcano. The mountain is visible from all sides on the island but is often hidden by clouds. You will find a crater lake called Baengnokdam on Hallasan. On this mountain, you will find a Buddhist temple. It is the oldest one on the island. The hikers will be delighted to know that there are five hiking trails on Hallasan.

Hallim Park

Hallim Park attracts a lot of tourists. You will find it on the west coast of Jeju Island. The island authorities hold a fire festival in the belief that it destroys all harmful insects from the villages. This festival takes place in winter in Saebyeol Oreum. This oreum has complex volcano. It also has a horseshoe-shaped crater. There are about 360 other oreums in Jeju islands.


Manjanggul is the longest lava tubes in the world. Manjang Cave is 30 km east of Jeju city. This cave is a Natural Monument. Geomunoreum Lava Tube System impresses the people associated with this type of geological system. The lava features are well-preserved within it.

Seongsan Ilchulbong

This is a natural monument. You have to climb 182 meters to reach the summit. The tourists are spellbound by the sheer beauty of the crater and the 99 rock peaks that are along the rim of the crater. It takes about an hour for the round trip. Buy the tickets and get going before the break of dawn. The sunrise from here looks spectacular and thus the people of Jeju Island and the tourist have a sunrise festival every New Year’s morning. The site resembles an old fortress. Take the Jeju intercity bus to reach here.

Jeju’s Fantastic Beaches

Iho Beach is Hawaii-like with its sand in a mix of yellow and gray combination. It is a perfect beach to swim and laze around. Other beaches are Jengmun beach with blue sea waters and pale colored sand. For surfing go to Emerald Bay, Shinyan, Hamdoek and Gwakji. Seeing is believing.


This is a theme park for adults. It is full of sculptures depicting the beauty of the human body. There are exhibition halls in traditional Korean glass work. Jeju Loveland is just 10 minutes from the Jeju International Airport. Grotesque casts of beautiful nudes are seen around the place.

Olle walking trails are enjoyable and full of surprises as you head along. Drop in at the Jeju water world or go to Hanwha Therapy Resort. Get a water or herb massage or just float in a pool with lights and music.

There is plenty of accommodation at Jeju city and the island. Stay where you prefer the most. Mouthwatering seafood and local specialties will never leave you hungry.

Direct international flights from Tokyo, Osaka, Beijing, and Shanghai and also flights from the domestic airports of Korea help the tourist land on Jeju Island.


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