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The city of Lucerne commands an enormous view. It is situated on Lake Lucerne. The tourists find modernity and tradition blend with ease in Lucerne. The traveler starts the journey of excursions and explorations from Lucerne. To reach the beautiful landscape of cherry trees and Kirsch the tourist start from Lucerne’s cherry road.

Lucerne ranks amongst the prettiest cities of the world. The tourists can discover Lucerne on foot.

Culture and Convention Center

The Culture and Convention Center in Lucerne was founded in 1998. It is a concert hall having a multifunctional building. The center is located at Europe Square and is on the Lucerne Seebucth of Lake Lucerne. This is a lake in central Switzerland surrounded by mountains.

The three parts of the building house the multi-functional Lucerne Hall, the concert hall and the Museum of Art Lucerne. The museum consists of a collection of Swiss art from the Renaissance to the present times.

The concert hall is one of the best halls for classical concerts. The terra under the huge roof offers a pretty view of the nearby mountains and the sea bay.

Church of St. Leodegar

This is a landmark church in the city of Lucerne, Switzerland. The church has a white stone interior. In the earlier times, the wealthy and poor worshiped. The church thus has the south half and the north half. This is the most important church in Lucerne. Today this church has become a Monastery as well as a parish church.

Chapel Bridge (Kapellbrucke)

This bridge is a wooden bridge and is one of the older ones in Europe. You will find paintings which adorn the bridge. They depict scenes from the town and Swiss history. The Chapel Bridge is the landmark in Lucerne.

Lion Monument

This monument is carved out of natural rock. It pays a tribute to the heroic deaths of the Swiss mercenaries. The dying lion as you will see in the monument makes it one of the world’s most famous monument. To quote Mark Twain, “The Lion of Lucerne” is the saddest and the most moving piece of rock in the world.

Muskeg Wall

The wall was built in the year 1386. It has nine towers, but only four towers are open to the public. They are Zyt, Schirmer, Wacth and Mannli. There is a clock in the Zyt tower. It is the work of Hans Luter and is the oldest clock in the city of Lucerne.

Old City Squares

The tourists find squares on the right bank of the River Reuss. They border the Old Town. The Weinmarkt with its cantons is impressive and attractive. The Town Hall and the Pfistern guildhall are at the Kornmarkt Square. The Hirschenplatz Square is attractive in its own way.

Town Hall

The Town Hall is of the Italian Renaissance style. It was built by Anton Isenmann between the period of 1602 and 1606. The hall has an overhanging roof. There are some open arcades facing the Reuss. These are used by the locals as a weekly market place. The Kernschutte hall stands above the arcades and is used as an exhibition and a concert hall.

Glacier Garden

Glacier Garden is a must visit place for every tourist to Lucerne. It lies near the Lion Monument. At the garden, you get lost in the world of history. To embark here on a voyage to the subtropical beach that existed 20 million years ago. You also see the glaciers of the last Ice Age. The Glaciers Garden is a place to enjoy and relax with all its alpine plants and sun terrace. Do explore the labyrinth of mirrors and surely you come out with a smile.

The tourists can visit a number of other attractions if time permits. They are the Railway Station, Water Tower, and a few churches.


The excursions and outings around Lucerne are as eye catching and admirable as Lucerne itself. The Lucerne Riviera has pretty lake died resorts. Try taking the lakes paddle steamers or hike up to the famous peaks in the region around Lucerne.

Relax and rejuvenate yourself for some sporting activity. You could go mountain biking, windsurfing, golfing, cycling or simply walking around soaking the natural surroundings. Breathe some fresh alpine air full of purity. Stay at one of the wellness hotels and pamper yourself.

Lucerne has a number of hotels no matter where you would like to stay. The tourists can choose a hotel in Lucerne city resorts or holiday apartments. Book in advance to avoid disappointment.

Lucerne is well known for its food varieties. You will find special Swiss foods, innovative and imaginative cuisine from around the world. The local specialties are a puff pastry, shell filled with mushrooms in a creamy sauce, Alpine Macaroni served with Applesauce, cheese slices Swiss, Pear bread a Swiss temptation and many more. Bon appetite

Lucerne assures the traveler of great nightlife. It is famous for it all over Switzerland. Enjoy dancing and drinking at clubs, bars which are high above city roofs, with dazzling Lucerne.

Please contact the Swiss Embassy or Consulate for your Visa requirements to enter Switzerland. After getting your visa, go ahead and plan to fly to Lucerne.

The Zurich Airport is 66 km from the center of Lucerne and is the nearest one as compared to other International Airports. The Zurich Airport caters to Domestic Flights also. The Emmen Airport 8 km which is the closest to the city of Lucerne, Switzerland.

The tourists can buy a rail ticket and go to Lucerne by train. It takes about an hour to reach Lucerne.

You could also take a bus. Nit forgetting to let the tourists know that Lucerne is a year round destination. The peak season is from June to September. The weather is pleasant and cool even in summer. November till mid-April is good for winter sports in the Alps and the surrounding mountains.


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