Mauritius – A Beautiful Country

/Mauritius – A Beautiful Country


The island of Mauritius lies in the turquoise sparkling crystal waters of the Indian Ocean. It is about 2,000 kilometers off the southeast coast of the African continent. The tourists here have an unforgettable holiday. It is colorful, scenic and has diverse cultures.

There is 90% literacy on this island. Along with English, inhabitants use French and also Creole.

Port Louis

It is the capital of Mauritius. It is on the west coast well protected by beautiful mountains. Mauritius boasts of the oldest racecourse in the Indian Ocean region. You can head to the palm-lined square, the historical centre of the city, known as Place D’Armes. You will see the statue of one of the founding fathers of Mauritius who was then the French governor.

Theatre of Port Louis

This theatre has the classic London theatre decor. It is one of the oldest in the region built in the 19th century.

Fort Adelaide

The British built this fort on a hill which overlooks the harbor and the city. In the present times, it hosts shows and concerts both of local artist and global.

Aapravasi Ghat

This is the place where thousands of Indians came as laborers and gradually settled in Mauritius. It is a UNESCO Heritage Site.

The Labourdonnais Orchards, Mapou

You head north and soon you will find this lovely orchard. It is full of tropical fruit trees. The scented aroma of fruits and flowers are the visual beauty of this orchard. The taste of freshly made jams and juices delight you.

Sir Seewoosagar Ramgoolam Botanical Gardens

These gardens are famous for their Victoria Amazonic water Lillie’s. They are really huge in size. You get to see a wonder plant as I would call it that blooms only once every 30 to 100 years. It is called Talipot. There are a few trees from Madagascar like the Mahogany and Latahier palms.

The Red Roof Chapel, Cap Malheureux

This chapel is on the northern most tip of the island. It has intricate wooden work in the interiors and a giant clamshell which holds the holy water. It is in the form of a basin.

MaheshwarNath Temple, Triolet Shivala

Triolet Shivala has the biggest Hindu temple, and it is also the longest village on the island. The different Hindu deities are worshiped in this colorful temple.

Northern Beaches

The tourists can go to some of the most beautiful beaches like the Trou aux Biches, Mont Choisy and Pereybere cove.

Water Sports

The tourists come to grand Baie for sailing. It is known as the Mauritius centre for sailing. You can cruise around the north shore of Mauritius, be a part of yacht tours or take a Catamaran cruise.

Belle Mare is a thriller for kite surfing. You can scuba dive from some of the most excellent places in the North of Mauritius. You can dive at Gunner’s Coin and go down to spot the big parrotfish. Whale Rock takes you 26 meters deep, and if you are lucky, you will see a hammerhead shark. At Holt’s Rocks almost 38 meters deep, you can see huge boulders.

You can take the Blue Safari Submarine and discover a new brightly colored world on the ocean bed. The tourists are left amazed at Mauritius’s marine life. You have probably walked a lot on the surface of the earth, now it’s time you walked under water. You have to contact the ‘Captain Nemo’s Undersea Walk’ and be ready to do something different in Mauritius.

Island Excursions

You can include some excellent island excursions. A cruise will definitely give you the pleasure of seeing these Northern Islets, you can picnic and swim near the Flat Island and Ilot Gabriel.

Mauritian Aquarium

You will find this aquarium on the coast road to Grand Bale. It houses Mauritian corals, sponges, fishes and invertebrates. The children get the real feel at the children’s touch pool.

South and South-East

The landscape here is very different in nature from the rest of the island. You will see cliffs kissed by waves. The tourists go a little towards the west, and your gaze sets upon a number of beaches, hotels and resorts. There is also the National History Museum and the Naval Museum. You will see some of the oldest settlements at Vieux Grand Port. You get to see the ruins of the first Dutch fortification and the Frederick Hendrik Museum. A visit to an awesome structure of Robert Edward Hart Museum completely covered in shells and corals.

This part of Mauritius has some popular family beaches like Blue Bay and Gris-Gris. You get to see and hear the sound of waves hitting against the rocks.

The tourists visit the Mahebonerg Market and try to bargain on spices, children’s toys, clothes etc. You can taste the biryani and kulfi if you wish to satisfy your hunger. When you visit the nature reserve, you will pass through the island’s pristine and original flora and fauna. You can spot here at Lle aux Aigrettes some of the most endangered species. La Vanille Reserve Mascareignes is at the southern tip of Mauritius. Here, you will see thousands of turtles, crocodiles, insects and butterflies. The children simply love it here.

The jeweled crown of Mauritius lies in its east. You will find emerald lagoons, fishing communities, coves and the holiday enthusiasts. The east has little villages, with poetic names dotting it between the sea and the mountains.

The tourists can enjoy watching the waterfall, swimming or diving at the mouth of the Grand River. The east coast is a feast for your senses. You see vast stretches of white sandy beaches all the way from Belle Mare to Trou d’Eau Deuce. There is a track along the coastline where you will see people jogging. You will find people basking in the sun on the beaches.

West and South-West

A true adventurer’s delight greets you here. It is a playground for sport lovers. You can do snorkelling, swimming, and sea fishing. You get a chance to see dolphins which come to rest and breed in these waters. You will see the Morne Mountain. It has some historical links to slavery.

Mauritius has a central commercial town known as Curepipe. An extinct volcano called Trou aux Cerfs lies in this town.

Cultural events of all religions are celebrated in Mauritius. National day of Mauritius is celebrated with great pride on the 12th of March. Mauritius has a coastal tropical climate. It has no extreme temperatures. July to September is wintry and might suit the traveler. The adventurers have first to find out the best time of the year, most suited for their sport in Mauritius. It is otherwise a year round destination.

The tourists can shop for ship models at Curepipe. It is a unique souvenir to give someone. At Grand Baie drop in at the designer boutiques. Shell crafted souvenirs look dainty and the shells remind one of Mauritius. Cashmere clothing is also a good pick at Floreal.

Enjoy a Mauritian buffet with seafood, French dressed salads and Mediterranean style vegetables. The cuisine in Mauritius is mind-boggling.

Mauritius is well-connected by air. The airport is at the southeast lower half of Mauritius. It takes the traveler an hour to get to the north or even to the east of the island.

A number of places are available to stay in Mauritius. The big hotel chains have their hotels in Mauritius. You will also find luxury beach resorts to smaller hotels and boarding houses.


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