Meadows of Dan – A Mountain Village

/Meadows of Dan – A Mountain Village

Meadows of Dan

On the Blue Ridge Parkway at Milepost, you will find Meadows of Dan situated on the Crooked Road in Patrick County, Virginia, USA. On this road music authenticity was born, bred and nurtured. It is beautiful, and the air is filled with music. There is a lot to see and do in Meadows of Dan and the area that surrounds it. A folk fair is held annually by the community of Meadows of Dan.

Mabry Mill is seen as you go up the Parkway. It is a spot known for its photographs. The tourists turn back in history as they trail to the mill.

Near the southern portion of Blue Ridge Parkway lies the Sweet Mountain Laurel Loop. The scenery is wonderful, and as you look around each side gives you a beautiful picture. It is closed during winter. Here, the tourists can find bread-and-breakfast accommodation.

Around the Meadows of Dan, you can indulge in fishing, driving and camping. Every moment here if full of enjoyment amidst the beautiful surrounding.

The Rock Churches in Floyd are made of native stone. They keep the spirit, faith and grit of these simple people. They were built in the first half of the 20th century. The tourists visit the Mayberry Presbyterian Church. It was founded in 1885. The church is made of natural quartz and quartzite stone. Its laced windows are built in Gothic style.

Cockram Mill has its own charm, and a historic past. It is located near the Meadows of Dan. The mill has three stories but in a rectangular shape. It dates back to 1885. You will find a dam on the waters of the Dam River, just adjacent to the mill. Two metal turbines are used to operate the Cockram Mill.

Lover’s Leap Birdhouses are at a pretty curve on the mountain. These little Birdhouses have found their way all over the globe. The tourists pass through the Patrick County seeing the spectacular beauty of nature. It was here at the Lover’s Leap that a young man fell in love with an Indian maiden Morning Flower. Their love still whispers in the cool evening breezes. The surrounding beauty stands witness to their love.

You go to Leslie Shelor and follow the trail site. It takes the tourists to Greenberry House. Here, you meet the lady who raises German Angoras for fiber.

The Rocky Knob is in a mountainous area of the Blue Ridge Parkway. It occupies an area of 900 acres. There are mountainous recreation areas within the American Viticulture Area. The Rocky Knob range elevates from 1600 ft. to 3574 ft. above sea level. The climate here is good for grape cultivation.

Fishing on the Dan River is a pleasure. The terrain is rugged, and you will see trout in plenty that inhabit the clear waters of the river.

Stay in a tree-house inn, and bring out your childhood fantasies. The tourist can also put up in a lodge, country house or some resort which pampers you during you stay in Meadows of Dan. Relish the simple delicious local food or go in for the special cuisine served at your resort. Buy antiques, crafts, native paintings, toys, etc. for your loved ones and friends.

The tourists are asked to apply first for a tourist visa at the nearest American Consulate. Follow the rules and produce all the documents required by the Visa issuing authorities. Start your booking and plan your trip to Meadows of Dan. Fly to Virginia, USA. From the airport take the road and you will reach your destination, Meadows of Dan, in about 2 hours and 35 minutes.


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