Mykonos – The Island of the Winds

/Mykonos – The Island of the Winds


The mystique Greek Island Mykonos is the crown Jewel of the Cycladic islands. These islands are on the shores of Greece. Mykonos is just east of Athens. It seems to rise like an oasis from the Aegean Sea. You love to watch the islands meandering cliffs as they kiss the azure waters. The tourist is mesmerized by what the eyes meet. You look around and notice the whitewashed villas weathered by time. They date back to 3000 B.C.

Mykonos has witnessed the Zeus war against the Titans on its rugged terrain. The name of the island is a tribute to Mykons, Apollo’s grandson. Nothing seems to have changed on this island. The tourist never miss a chance to watch the golden glory of the sun shimmering on the shores in the morning. In the evening, the sky takes on a soft pastel hue as the sun sets. The islanders of Mykonos lead a simple life steeped in tradition. You see the doors painted in bright dark blue, and the red Bougainville welcomes its visitors. “Petros” is the official mascot of Mykonos. Mykonos is one of the most famous Greek Islands beautiful, stunning welcoming with its blazing granite rocks. It has got a cool stylish cosmopolitan edge to impress its visitors. It has a fantastic nightlife.

Moving Around Mykonos

Paradise Beach

This alluring beach is famous for nude sunbathing. The sands are soft and the waters blue. Tourist flock to this beach. It is at the southern coast. Paradise Beach is 4km south of Chora. You can take a bus or a boat. It can be reached by foot also. This is a happening beach full of resort hotels, restaurants, bars and clubs.

Little Venice

Little Venice is a town in Mykonos. The Chora neighborhood is a stunning place. You will see beautiful magnificent homes overlooking the sea. If is a bustling place all day long. It overlooks the southwest end of the harbor.

Paraportiani Church

The Mykonos Island has a number of churches. The most famous one is Paraportiani Church. You will find it in beautiful serene surroundings. It is in the central Chora. This white-washed church is of the Byzantine era. The decorations in the church are of the middle Ages. The tourists stand at the entrance of the church and simply fall in love with the spectacular views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Ano Mera

Ano Mera is a town in the heart of Mykonos. A lot of religious history surrounds Ano Mera. Two monasteries have intricate marble carvings and an Italian baroque altar.

The Windmills

The Windmills are situated overlooking the town of Little Venice. They are iconic windmills. They are located on a hill numbering sixteen in all. The tourists get great views of the surroundings from the hilltop. As you head towards Little Venice stop for a quick bite and drink at Alefkandra a historic place. You can also check out the Mykonos Agriculture Museum. They are close to the windmills.

Rhenia Island

The tourist can take a cruise to Rhenia Island away from the hustle and bustle of Mykonos. You can swim, relax, and snorkel in the clear waters of the Aegean Sea. Explore the islands and sunbathe. Rhenia Island is uninhibited. A 6 hour hatch cruise from Mykonos brings you here. As you move around the gentle breeze touches your cheeks. This island is part of the historic Delos.

The tourist can opt for guided tours operating from Mykonos. They can also visit Delos one of the most famous archaeological sites of Greece. The Armenistis Lighthouse north-western tip of Mykonos.

In Mykonos, you can choose where you would like to stay during your trip, at a beach resort, town hotels with sunset views or a boutique hotel.

Shopping in Mykonos is fun. If local products are on your list then pick up spices, cheese, air-dried meat, jewelry, local souvenirs, home decorations and many more.

Mykonos is the place for wines, coffee to start your day. Dining options are plenty. You can enjoy a romantic culinary from crepes to seafood. Fusion food a mix of continental and Greek flavors. Go for the Greek yoghurt drizzled with honey. Cheese pies, grilled meats, cooked green grown around the town. Remember one thing and that is Mykonos will never let you remain hungry.

Welcome to Mykonos Airport. Help is at hand at this airport. The airport is about 4km from the town of Mykonos. You can hitch a car or a taxi, and in ten minutes you reach your dream destination. Book international flights in advance.

Short stay visas can be obtained by Indian Nationals and by member countries of the Schengen Territory. The visa is valid for a period of one to ninety days. Your passport should be valid for three months before stamping of the visa. Processing the visa takes up to 15 working days. Some countries do not require a visa to enter Greece. Clarify your doubts with the Greek consulate in your country.


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