Phoenix – A Desert City

/Phoenix – A Desert City

Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix Arizona is different from other cities across the world. It is a desert. Your gaze travels far beyond, the sky seems bigger, and the twinkling stars attract you by their brightness. Everything in Phoenix Arizona looks eye-catching. You are stopped in your tracks by the stunning beauty of the setting sun. Here, you will find rugged mountains with cactus and the cowboys greet you.

The tourists see against the background of America’s sixth-largest city Phoenix, a panorama of urbanization. Here, you will find the most sophisticated resorts, spas, sporting arenas, restaurants, golf courses and stylish fashion shopping centers. Phoenix Arizona will always remain the world’s gateway to the Grand Canyon.

Downtown Phoenix

Downtown Phoenix is ever bustling with activity. The tourists interested in art should come to Downtown Phoenix. You can visit the Herberger Theater Center and see some really good events it caters. The historic Orpheum Theater handles whatever Broadway sends it. It draws thousands of people to this downtown venue.

Hop on to a metro light rail and visit the Phoenix Art Museum. This is a world-class visual arts international exhibitions center. The museum has a collection that will leave the observer amazed. It has been there for fifty years presenting live performances, art films, festivals and educational programs. Phoenix Art Museum also has vibrant photography exhibition. Do shop at the museum store for you will get something different here.

The Children’s Museum of Phoenix will make your kids laugh and enjoy as they go through the Noodle Forest. They have the tricycle car wash and many other exhibits for children. The Arizona Science Center is in a unique setting with a five-storey theater, a planetarium and its extensive exhibits.

The tourists visit some downtown Phoenix restaurants to enjoy a different taste of cuisine. You can visit the Civics Space Park with a different designing. Here, you will see a landmark public sculpture. Sing and dance along with live music at Copper Blues.

South Mountain Park

South Mountain Park is the largest mountain park in the country. Take a trail from the park to the top of the mountain and view unforgettable scenery of the valley. It is thrilling as you go up the Mountain Park, be it horseback riding, mountain biking, or hiking. The park entrance is from Central and Dobbins Road.

Desert Botanical Garden

The botanical garden here in Phoenix Arizona stands apart from other gardens across the world. It has an outstanding open setting with aviaries and collection of arid-land plants. In this desert garden, the visitors find a rare collection from all the deserts in the world. You walk through thematic trails and learn about these arid-plants, their conservation and see colors of pretty wild flowers. Take a bite at the garden restaurant. Sip coffee at the cafe and then move ahead to shop at the Gardens gift and plant shop. The Desert Botanical Gardens hold a number of events. From Downtown Phoenix, it is nine miles.

Camelback Mountain

Camelback Mountain attracts thousands of tourists. It is situated just twenty minutes from Downtown Phoenix. If you are a pro at hiking then take the Two Summit trails or else settle for trails at the base of the mountains. The trails start from the north side of the Camelback Mountain.

Tours through the Wilderness of Phoenix

The tourists can enjoy other outdoor activities in Phoenix. You can go up in a hot air balloon and view Phoenix City from high above. Take a jeep and check out the desert landscapes. You will see desert mule deer, javalinas, rattlesnakes and coyotes. You will be filled with memories of your experience to the Sonoran Desert.

Phoenix Zoo

The visitors to the Phoenix Zoo enjoy being close to the animals. It is amazing to find more than 1,300 animals in a zoo. Your approach is through five trails, which exhibit different animals. The zoo is open every day except that the timings change as per the season. It is about eight miles from Downtown Phoenix. The zoo authorities hold events, night camp and camp zoo activities. You will find bike and boat rentals and food venues at the zoo.

Time to Relax

The visitors love to relax at the famous palm-tree resorts in Phoenix or go to a golf course. Go shopping or to a spa to pamper yourself. Relax the way you like. Night time entertainment will soothe you too. Phoenix can relax you from sunshine to twinkling stars. Go to a casino, visit a comedy show, drink at a bar and dance to the sound of rock and roll.

Shopping in Phoenix

Shop till you can. Go to attractive vintage stores, boutiques, fashion centers, designer stores, gift shops or the bargain outlets. They are all there for you in Phoenix. Pass through outdoor shopping stores, maybe you would like something here. Buy some local stuff. The visitors are free to choose and pick what so ever they like. The only thing you can’t buy is ‘Happiness’.

Places to Stay

The tourists can check into a resort with pools, restaurants, golf courses and spas. Live here in your dream world. But remember it’s pricey. Check into an inn having dual charm – rustic and modern. Dude Ranches are also there to give you a luxury stay. If all this is not of your choice then check into a homely and pleasant hotel. If you are camping then check into a hotel near a park or a hotel around a desert. Phoenix has an assortment of places to offer you.

Peak season in Phoenix Arizona is from March to May. Fly into the Sky Harbor International Airport. You could take a bus or simply drive down for it all depends from where you are coming to Phoenix Arizona. Meet you next time on a trip to “The Grand Canyon”.


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