Popular Cheap Hotels in Mykonos Greece

/Popular Cheap Hotels in Mykonos Greece

The scenic town of Mykonos is a great destination for anyone who wants a delightfully relaxing time. Apart from the fascinating panorama, there are the charming beaches with their cooling waters that gracefully lap the shores. From the sandy beaches, one can enjoy the picturesque scenery as one basks in the warm sun in this beautiful island. There are many attractions that dot this island which has a rich history with some of its attractions dating back to 3000BC. The name Mykonos itself is taken from the grandson of the great Greek mythology legend Apollo. A visitor cannot enjoy all the fascinating allures of this town in a day! As such one will need some fitting accommodation that will be in line with such a glorious place!

In Mykonos, getting the perfect place to bed down after an enthralling day of fun does not have to cost one a fortune! There are more than 262 hotels in the city and all are designed differently to accommodate specific needs of anyone. There are several cheap hotels in Mykonos Greece where one can bode comfortably with a low budget. The hotels ensure that the visitors get the very best accommodation and according to the reviews of many visitors, the time spent in the hotels is very satisfying and fun which makes their vacations seem like fairy tale dreams! The hotels provide delicious meals that will keep you invigorated for your tour of the city. The hotels offer many facilities to ensure that the visitors have maximum comfort. Here are some of the best cheap hotels in Mykonos Greece.

Magas Hotel

This is one of the cheapest hotels in Mykonos but it is in no way cheap in its hospitality. If you like biking it’s a good place with bike hiring shops close by. The hotel also offers free shuttle services to the airport.

cheap hotels in mykonos greece

Aegean Hotel

The hotel has a great view of the city and the sea. The hospitality provided by the management is special. The hotel always sticks to its motto of “arrive as a stranger, leave as a friend!”


This is a lovely hotel that is run by a family in a traditional home. The hotel is good if you really want to appreciate the historic atmosphere of Mykonos. The hotel is at a very well-located spot in the town and is one of the best cheap hotels in Mykonos Greece.

Studio Eleni

The Studio Eleni is located suitably for anyone who would want to do shopping in Mykonos. It is also expediently located for sightseeing and is close to the beach. The hotel is built in the Mykonian traditional ways and will provide visitors with the true feel of the Mykonian culture.

Ornos Beach Hotel

This is a beautiful little hotel that is located close to a lovely private beach. There are several restaurants around too for anyone who wants to try out the many traditional Mykonos dishes. There is also a boat service close by that can ferry tourists to other beaches around the island.

Andronikos Hotel

This is a remarkable hotel with the budget a bit on the higher end but the hotel provides impressive facilities including an amazing bar and a BEAUTIFUL pool!

Elena Hotel

The Elana hotel is located above the city center. The hotel is built in Cycladic architecture with the whitewashed walls that remind one of the ancient Greek cities. Elena Hotel is a splendid place to spend your time while visiting the sites in Mykonos.

Kouros Hotel

This is a small boutique hotel that is made with very elegant interior designs. The individual rooms are made as small houses that provide an exclusive feel for the visitors. From the hotel one can get an unrestricted view of the old port and from here one gets a gorgeous view of the sunset. It is a good hotel for families and can be especially romantic for couples on honeymoon!

Vencia Hotel

This is a beautiful hotel with an especially captivating view. The hotel has an infinity pool that is something one has to experience! From the terrace or the pool one can get amazing photo shots of the scenery. From here one can especially get superb shots of the sunset.

Pension Matina

This is a nice little hotel that is not very far from the town and you can take 5 minutes on a scooter to the town center. Here you will get excellent cultural foods and the rooms are fantastic considering the rates charged. The hotel has a nice pool where visitors can relax. The hotel management provides free transport to the airport and for the ferry.

Ginnoulaki Hotel

If you want a quiet place to relax after touring the city, the Ginnoulaki is one of the best cheap hotels in Mykonos, Greek to go to. The hotel is about 25 minutes walking distance from the town hence all the visitors are away from all the noise.

Paradise Beach Resort and Camping

This is a Hotel that is very popular with the younger people and you will often meet many people from different parts of the world. Due to the crowd it attracts, it is a choice hotel for party lovers. The Hotel is right at the beach which makes it all the more exiting!

Thomas Hotel

This is another lovely hotel that is beautifully located away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Despite the distance, one can easily get to any distance with the provided scooters. This is a great hotel for visitors with a low budget.


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