Saint Tropez – A Town of Beaches

/Saint Tropez – A Town of Beaches

Saint Tropez

Saint Tropez attracts one and all to visit it. It is the most famous resort in Europe. It has wonderful surroundings. Saint Tropez peninsula is wooded and rocky. The tourists get spectacular views to the Maures Mountain across the sea. Saint Tropez has many shades to its side with a multilayered life. From villas to the locals busy heading with their produce to the market. It has the rich, the great and all its A-listers yachting for its pleasures. The nearest airport to bring in the influx of tourist to Saint Tropez is Toulon-Hyeres at a distance of 50 minutes. There are options of flying to Saint Tropez by alighting at other airports. You can reach it by helicopter, taxi, bus, boat, or ferry it’s your choice. Ship cruises anchor themselves and you alight right in the heart of Saint Tropez. Getting around Saint Tropez is not a problem. Walk and walk wherever to want to go. Your legs are your best companions, though you can reach a beach by bus or take a boat trip to see Saint Tropez. You will surely appreciate the beauty of the bay.

Saint Tropez became famous when Brigitte Bardot came to town with late Roger Vadim to film And God Created Woman in 1956. She looked gorgeous in Capri pants, a head scarf and Ray Bans. This luscious female made Saint Tropez a hot spot.


Citadelle sits on a pretty hilltop park. These 16th century ramparts provide great views of the sea and the town. Once St. Tropez served as a military outpost. The Maritime Museum gives you a glimpse of those who served the nation. In today’s St. Tropez you will find bikini-clad sun worshippers, and that makes it hard to believe its past.

Musee de Annon

Musee de Annon citadel is a charming little museum. It is housed in an old chapel, in St. Tropez. It is a fine art museum displaying the works of Matisse Picasso and Seurat. It is situated on the harbor and is worth a visit.

La Citadelle de Saint Tropez

La Citadelle de Saint Tropez is an old fortress. It throws open a wide vista of the city. Get to this 16th century building from the waterfront.

Beaches in Saint Tropez

Pampelonne Beach is a long stretched sandy beach in St. Tropez. It is beautiful and romantic and draws a lot of tourists. Watch the stunning sunset spread its colors over the horizon and relax having a drink. There are a number of cafés on this beach. It is five minutes from the center of St. Tropez.

Plage des Graniers Beach is folded up in wooded hills. It is a charming beach and family friendly.

Pearl Beach in St. Tropez is a beach club. It is a wonderful experience to dine beneath the twinkling stars with family or friends. You will love this beach, which is just ten minutes’ walk from the main port. Pearl Beach is lit up with the lights of the Gulf of St. Tropez.

Plage des Saline is the finest beach of St. Tropez. It is a 600 meter long beach, with pines on either sides. It is windy here on this beach. The white sand along with grass covered dunes stretch your gaze far inland.

Plage de la Bouillabaisse, Plage des Graniers and Plage des Jumeaux are family oriented beaches. They have playgrounds for the kids.

The wealthy Plage Port Grimaud beach is best to be seen around in a Burberry bikini. Tourists delight in the beach sands and enjoy a hot nightlife.

Plage de Tahiti is a notorious beach as far as its optional-clothing policy is concerned. If the risqué atmosphere does not bother you, then go join in the beach party.

St. Tropez is full of glamour and beaches, but it is also a great family vacation destination. This little town of St. Tropez is basking in its popularity. The rich, famous, models and wealthy businessmen come to the beaches of this scenic town of St. Tropez. St. Tropez welcomes all vacationers and makes them feel at home.

Some beaches here are close by, but others are about three miles southwest of the town center of St. Tropez. The beachfront along the bay has almost 27 beaches. Nestled along the French Riviera, St. Tropez, is full of activity in summer.


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