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Shenzhen is a metropolis and a modern city in China. It is a commercial hub. It has created tourist places to attract them. One of the highlights of the city is its theme park near the Shenzhen Bay. In a day’s time, the tourist can see display versions of world renowned sites from the five continents.

In Shenzhen, you will find the Wonderful China and China Folk Culture villages. By visiting them, the traveller comes to know a great deal about China’s culture. They depict the historical and natural beauties of China.

Near the Window of the World is the Happy Valley theme park. It has a number of attractions like Cartoon City, Maya Water Park, Spanish Square and the Adventure Hill. Happy Valley is all in one place offering the tourist accommodation, food, shopping, sightseeing and entertainment. One could visit the Xianhu Botanical Garden, Safari Park, Xiao Meisha Scenic Park, Minsk World and the Meridian View Centre. If you wish to be away from the noisy city centre then the place to be is Xlli Lake Resort. One can see the beauty of nature from here.

Diwan Mansion is right there at the centre of this busy city. It is a 384 metre high building. When you reach the top, you get a great view of the city.

Splendid China is a large park which gives the viewer a glimpse into the map of China. China attractions are depicted here in 82 miniatures. The Folk Custom Village will give you an insight about China’s 56 ethnic groups.

Shenzhen lies in the southern portion of Guangdon Province on the eastern shores. The Pearl River Delta is on this shore. Before its rapid commercial growth, Shenzhen was a small fishing village. Shenzhen has all the three modes of travel, air, ship and train. The traveller from Shenzhen could go on a day’s trip to Hong Kong, it is a Special Administration Region of China. If you want, you could be guided to the hotel you have booked right from the Shenzhen Airport.


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