Things to Do in Lillafüred: How About Exploring Some Caves?

/Things to Do in Lillafüred: How About Exploring Some Caves?

Back in the 1890s, when the minister of agriculture Andra Bethlen visited Lake Hamori, he decided to build a beautiful holiday resort and name it after his wife, Lilla Vay. You will have access to a wide range of things to do in Lillafüred.

Things to Do in Lillafured

Things to Do in Lillafüred

Palace Hotel

The Palace Hotel, which was built back in 1927, is a prime hotspot for tourists visiting this town. One of the restaurants located inside the hotel takes its name after King Matthias, which is quite a neat background. The stained glass windows that you will find here will resemble that of a castle, and accurately represent historical Hungary in its purest form. When visiting here, you will see that rare plants and large parks surround the palace, all of which will make the experience so much more pleasant and elegant.

Hanging Gardens

The Hanging Gardens right below the hotel are between Garadna and Szinva. The highest waterfall, which is about 60-feet in height, can also be found here. It also happens to be the highest waterfall in Hungary. Since the internal water tubes at Anna Cave are at the bottom, the waterfall is considered artificial. Nonetheless, it is still a spectacle that you must see with your own eyes to truly appreciate.


When visiting Lillafüred, you will have access to a wide variety of caves include:

  • Anna Cave
  • Cave Bath Barlangfurdo
  • Istvan Cave
  • Szeleta Cave

Each cave will provide a unique exploration opportunity, one filled with cultural history and reputable sites.

Lake Hamori

Lake Hamori is one of the must-see attractions. The artificial lake was founded way back in the earlier part of the 19th century. Today, it is a favorite spot to spend time on the water with paddle boats, which you can rent nearby. The lake itself is quite large, sitting right around 2 kilometers in length. It has a colorful history, which you can learn about by visiting here.

Otto Herman’s House

It is a small and fun museum dedicated to a well-known ornithologist by the name of Otto Herman. One shouldn’t confuse it with the Otto Herman Museum located in the downtown area of the town.

Miller’s Rock

There are a set of two different local legends that will explain the incredible history behind Miller’s Rock and the crucifix that sits there. According to the more traditional fable, a daughter of wealthy miller jumped down from the rock because her parents did not allow her to get married. The other legend is one of a man jumping down from the rock after discovering that his wife had cheated on him. Although the second story is a bit less prevalent, both of them shed some unique light on this neat attraction.


As difficult as the name may sound, this attraction means “marsh of white stone.” Once here, visitors will be able to establish an excellent view of the area. This attraction sits relatively close to Bükk National Park, which is another must-visit.

Trout Farm

The trout farm is located only a few short kilometers away from the town and is one of the most famous ones in Hungary. Visitors here will be able to purchase smoked or freshly grilled trout. The facility is open throughout the week, and can get quite crowded due to its high popularity. Hamor Rock is a favorite place to spend some time if you are a climber. Competitions are usually held here each year in January.

Reaching Lillafüred from Budapest is relatively easy. All you have to do is take a train or bus, or if you want to drive down yourself you can do so too, and the time it will take you to reach will be two and a half hours by train whereas it will take almost four hours by bus. A drive will get you there in about two and quarter hours. If you are in the capital of Hungary, then you should check out the must-see attractions in Budapest.


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