Things to Do in Nice: Niceties of the Nice Life Beckon You

/Things to Do in Nice: Niceties of the Nice Life Beckon You

With an extraordinary amount of year-round sunshine and an ambiance that is universally friendly and upbeat, Nice is a city that attracts visitors, backpackers, and families from all around the world. Whether you are a romance-seeking couple or a solo traveler, the magnificent sunsets and buzzing nightlife means you are going to have hours of non-stop fun and lots of things to do in Nice. So, spend a week here and you will likely be hungry for more.

Things to Do in Nice

Train des Pignes

Things to Do in Nice

How would you like to chug along the sea as you pass through narrow mountain gaps on a comfortable train? Well, this is exactly what Train des Pignes in Nice offers. One of the qualities that make this train ride so unique is the fact that it rises more than 1,000 meters on certain occasions, allowing for one breathtaking view.

The track itself is more than 150 kilometers in length and passes through the backcountry along the way. Throughout the journey, the population is scarce, and thus, it makes for an excellent way to get away from the city. The service for this train runs several times daily and is perfect for anyone wanting to take a trip inland. When onboard, you will pass through the village of Enthrevaux, which is only one hour away from Nice.

Visiting Beaches in Nice

Things to Do in Nice

All of the beaches in Nice are pebbly and sensibly fun. Therefore, you will be provided with an ample amount of comfort as you lie under the sun. Private beaches can cost between $10 and $20 per day, with free public sections of the beach equipped with first-aid posts, showers, and lifeguards.

The views from these beaches are spectacular and are an excellent way to spend time with the family during the weekends while on vacation. These beaches also come equipped with a broad range of activities for visitors to participate in including volleyball, jet skis, and other water-related activities.

Escape the Crowds at Trans Cote d’Azur

Things to Do in Nice

Another way to avoid the crowds is via the Trans Cote d’Azur. One hour trips are available, mainly between April and October. There are private tours available and making reservations are essential, especially during busier months. One of the main benefits of this attraction is that it is perfect for families as well as solo travelers, making it a go-to destination for anyone in Nice.

Experience Fine Art and Entertainment

Things to Do in Nice

There are more than ten unique works of art to discover, and with an abundance of tram stops and visual works, your mind will race when exposed to such a huge variety of beautiful and vibrant art. Another way to express your artistic qualities is to take the L’art dans la ville tour. This trip is affordable, foreigner-friendly, and perfect for children as well as adults.

Cinematic Panorama

Things to Do in Nice

If you would like to witness one fantastic view of the city, then be sure to check out Baie des Anges. Once on the right side, this park will provide you with a marvelous view of the city as well as the port on the other side. A 12th-century castle can be seen here as well. The castle was built back in 1706, making it a unique historical spectacle that you won’t be able to find elsewhere.

Wonderful and Vibrant City

Things to Do in Nice

Another prominent attraction includes the Cascade Donjon. This artificial waterfall was built back in the 18th-century and has been a viewing spectacle ever since. There is a kid’s playground here as well as an incredible viewing platform for the visitors. Plus, it is quite affordable and a nice way to spend the afternoon.

If you are looking to get to Saint-Tropez from Nice, a boat ride is the best option. For around 63 euros, you can reach Saint-Tropez taking in some breathtaking views along the way. The 2 1/2 hour cruise passes through the red cliffs of the Esterel punctuated by the opulent villas.

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