Things to Do in Salzburg: Much More Than Mozart

/Things to Do in Salzburg: Much More Than Mozart

Salzburg is famous for being the place where Mozart was born. It is a city in Austria and is very close to the Bavarian border and is home to more than 150,000. Although the original fame for the city was from Mozart, many people were made aware of it by a movie by the name of The Sound of Music. However, there is much more to this city than its musical fame. There are a lot many things to do in Salzburg for the tourist.

Salzburg city happens to be the capital of the State of Salzburg and the fourth largest in the Country of Austria. The world famous baroque architecture has gained it the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is one of the most well-kept city centers in the German-speaking world.

Salzburg got its name from the barges that carried salt up and down the Salzach River. It meant Salt Fortress and got its name in the 8th century. Salzburg history does go farther back than that, though. There have been traces of a Neolithic village found as well as a Celtic camp.

Things to Do in Salzburg

Get Around

Salzburg is a city best seen by foot. That said there is a network of buses that crisscrosses the city as well as a train service if that is your preference. Alternatively, there are numerous places where you can rent a bike, and there are some great bike paths on each side of the river.

What to See

There are a large number of things to see while you are in Salzburg. Here are a few of them.

Schloss Hellbrunn

Things to Do in Salzburg

This building was once a summer palace for the Archbishops of Salzburg, and there are many gorgeous gardens and cleverly tricked out fountains. You can take a guided tour of the fountains that lasts 45 minutes, or you could see the house with an audio guide. There is a children’s playground, a cold wading pool, a flying fox, and grounds for a picnic, and is one of the better places to see in Vienna.


Things to Do in Salzburg

Getreidegasse is a fabulous street for anyone looking for souvenirs or even someone who just wants to see ye olde shoppes. Yes, they do have the old signs hung out front just as they did in the olden days.

Hohensalzburg Fortress

Things to Do in Salzburg

Hohensalzburg Fortress is also known as Festung, and it is right on the top of a mountain. From here you can get the most breathtaking views of the Alps as well as Salzburg. In one part of the fortress, you can look down onto a field below the fortress and see only a single house. That was the residence of the executioner. Back in the olden days, it was believed to be bad luck to live near the executioner. When you go inside the fortress, you will find rooms filled with medieval weaponry, torture instruments and other rooms dedicated to showing what life was like in the fortress. In the evenings, concerts are frequently held here, and if you wish to attend, you will need reservations.

Alter Markt Square

Things to Do in Salzburg

There are many shops in this area. Some new ones and a great many old ones. It is quite an impressive area. There is a pharmacy here called Fürsterzbischöfliche Apotheke that you must see. That said, it is not a tourist attraction, so photography is prohibited here. For all that, it is the epitome of an old world apothecary shop.

Many other beautiful and amazing sites await you in Salzburg. You can tour the residence of Mozart or any of the magnificent museums and galleries. One thing is sure, when you visit Salzburg, you are never short of things to do and see.

From Salzburg, you can take a day trip to Salzkammergut. This picturesque region with serene lakes and majestic mountains is sure to enthrall you.


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