Things to Do in Virginia Beach: A Fun-Filled City

/Things to Do in Virginia Beach: A Fun-Filled City

After a long winter, Virginia Beach quickly transforms into one of the finest vacation spots on the East Coast of the United States. Whether peddling down the three-mile boardwalk or going for a beautiful kayak ride, you are spoilt for choice with myriad things to do in Virginia Beach. There are a variety of ways to soak up the culture and atmosphere when you are here.

Things to Do in Virginia Beach


With refreshing water, cool days, and mild evenings, kayaking in the incredible waters of Virginia Beach has got to be heading the many things to do in Virginia Beach. You can go solo or via an adventure company for these outdoor adventures. Either way, you will be in for one wild ride. You experience the perfect-temperature water along with the opportunity to see dolphins up-close.

Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation

Experience Mother Nature in an entirely new way. Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation covers more than 4,000 acres of national refuge and parkland. Whether you are exploring by kayak, bike, or foot, there is always something for everyone. Among the countless things to do in Virginia Beach, be sure to drop by here.

On the Water

Are you ready to splash around and set out for open waters with nothing more than a sail? Virginia Beach has a variety of aquatic adventures for you. For example, Backlash Sportfishing provides a 53-foot boat that will allow guests to fish for Striper, Marline, Dolphin, and even Tuna. Backlash Sportfishing’s prices are highly affordable. They offer all-day offshore trips.

Highly experienced shipmates run Billable Ours, which is a fast and safe offshore excursion company. They will take you to various parts of the Virginia Beach Ocean that you normally wouldn’t be able to see.

Virginia Musical Theater

Are you keen on witnessing musical theater at its finest when in Virginia Beach? If so, be sure to check out the Virginia Musical Theater. Over the past two decades, it has put together over 100 highly-popular productions. For any visitor having a taste for creativity and entertainment, it’s the perfect venue to watch the two elements come together in a seamless and enjoyable manner.

Located in the Town Center, the facility sells tickets that are relatively cheap compared to the value that it offers the guests. For instance, Section II tickets start around $96, while Section I tickets start around $152. Be sure to contact the company as they will be able to provide you with group discounts and reservations.

A Culturally Rich and Dynamic City

Visiting the local museums and learning about the history of Virginia Beach can be fun. The city tends to be more popular during the summer months than during the winter. It comes to life with an abundance of things to do both onshore as well as offshore.

Meadows of Dan

Meadows of Dan, a mountain village, lies between U.S. Route 58 and Blue Ridge Parkway. Visitors can experience tons of restaurants, classic houses, and country shops here. Beautiful meadows surround the community that sits quite close to the Dan River flowing through here.

Meadows of Dan located alongside Crooked Road, one of Virginia’s most famous music trail, offers a variety of folk fairs. When visiting Virginia Beach, be sure to stop by this beautiful and well-acclaimed community.


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