Top Tourist Cities in Poland You Must Visit

/Top Tourist Cities in Poland You Must Visit

The Tricity is a 45-km-long conurbation of Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia that juts out along the Gulf of Gdansk. You have rightly chosen to spend your vacation at one of the top tourist cities in Poland.

Gdansk is a city with a thousand-year-long tradition. It is one of the most beautiful cities of Northern Europe. The most famous local stone here is amber, and a number of local citizens have made a fortune out of it. Gdansk lies on the Baltic coast and is situated at the mouth of River Motlawa. It is a port city.

Roads to Freedom Exhibition

Roads to Freedom Exhibition, Gdansk

The Roads to Freedom Exhibition is a must see exhibition for every visitor visiting the Tricity. Here you will watch the horrific film showing the martial law imposed in July 1983 and thus will witness the events that still echo around Eastern Europe.

Royal Way

Golden Gate (Royal Way), Gdansk

Gdansk has a 500-meter-long Royal Way through which the Polish kings paraded when they visited Gdansk. The way is the most refined in terms of architecture. The kings entered by the Upland Gate. Behind this gate is the Foregate, which held within it a Torture House and a high Prison Tower. Later, the Torture House was turned into a jail. Though nowadays it houses the Amber Museum. The museum glows with the prehistoric ‘Baltic Gold.’ At the Golden Gate the visitors see four figures representing Peace, Liberty, Wealth and Fame. Do stop at one of the loveliest streets, Dluga, at Uphagen’s House. You will find here a room decorated with furniture from the 18th century and the family tree with the history of the Uphagen family.

St. Mary’s Church

St. Mary's Church, Gdansk

The church lies in the heart of the town. It is built with red bricks, and it is the largest church seen from the streets far away. It is indeed a Gothic attraction. St. Mary’s Church is illuminated with natural light that passes through its 37 large windows. It holds within 30-odd chapels. The Gothic polyptych with the Coronation of the Virgin, the crucifix and the wooden sacrarium all are beautifully done up. They attract your gaze. The astronomical clock is simply amazing and so also the viewing platform which offers awesome views of Gdansk. You and your family are happy that you selected one of the top tourist cities in Poland.

You also take a quick round-up of Artus Court Museum and churches and wind up for the day by enjoying a dinner at the oldest and highly recommended restaurant, Pod Lososiem Restaurant in Gdansk.

The next morning starts with a little bit of shopping like exquisite amber jewelry at the Millennium Gallery, some craft items and paintings by local artists. At Cepelia, you go in for some Kashubian trinkets. The family goes for a folk music event and enjoy their day. You have hired a car for exploring and enjoying the sights and sounds of Gdansk. Now it’s time for you to move out of hotel Hanza right on the waterfront and move on to going to Sopot.

Sopot is a spa resort and also a small seaside city. It is an attractive tourist destination. Warm beaches invite the traveler. Sopot has 60 percent greenery around it with gardens, historic parks and Art Nouveau villas and townhouses. It is the smallest of the Tricity metropolis. It holds a number of events and has a number of outdoor activities for the tourist.

Your family has booked the Royal Apartments in Sopot for your wonderful holiday stay at one of the top tourist cities in Poland. Sopot with all its seaside resorts is a fantastic holiday destination. From this port, you can avail of cruise boats or water taxis. Sopot is filled with natural beauty. It has a number of accommodations for its tourists.


Esplanade, Sopot

It stretches from the northern side of Sopot. You will find cycle path and walking path that run along the sandy beach trees and natural reserve. It thus covers about 10km of beauty and serenity with pleasant, clean air.

Forest Opera

Forest Opera, Sopot

This opera house has a unique forest location. It is close to Lake Nowowiejskie. The Forest Opera is considered to be the most beautiful musical stage in Europe. It holds the Sopot Annual Festival. For now, it is closed for tourists due to the renovation work.

St. George’s Church

St. George's Church, Sopot

This beautiful church is built in the Neo-Gothic style. The interior has the Polish image of Holy Mary. It is worth a visit. Other churches are Christ the Saviour and St. Andrew Bobola Church.

Monte Cassino Street

Monte Cassino Street, Sopot

The Monte Cassino Street is a 635-meter-long no car street lined with souvenir shops, cafés, restaurants, musical performers, magicians and clowns. This sight is worth watching and amusing to the tourists. It has a monument dedicated to the fishermen of Sopot.

Wooden Pier

Wooden Pier, Sopot

In Europe, this is one of the longest wooden piers. It serves a defensive function, protecting the new marina from storms, winds and high waves. Entry to the pier is free, and it is open 24 hours.

Crooked House

Crooked House, Sopot

The Crooked House is an award-winning house, inspired by the fairytale illustrations of Jan Marcin Szancer. You have to see it to believe in its unique design and architecture. It is the most photographed object by the visitors in Sopot. Within it, you will find cafés, clubs, bars and shops.

The tourists, many a time prefer the Eco-Line electric open sided bus tour to see around sixteen places. It provides audio guides in different languages for the convenience of the tourists. It runs from May to September. A family can hire it for their exclusive use also. You have booked Mera Spa Hotel with a room facing the waterfront. You rejuvenate at its spa. You get great views from the top floors, and now it’s time to bid adieu to Sopot as you travel to Gdynia.

Gdynia is a fishing village. It has developed as a seaside resort for tourists. It has now got the status of a city. The tourists can travel via the SKM light railway system from Gdynia to Gdansk.

Church of St. Michael the Archangel

Church of Saint Michael the Archangel, Gdynia

The nuns built this church, but now a part of it is a museum. Within this museum, the tourists see the Polish sailors and the seafarers. A wall of the museum bears the names of all the Polish naval officers executed by the communists in 1952. The Church of Saint Michael is situated on the northern tip of Gdynia.

City of Gdynia Museum

City of Gdynia Museum

The museum showcases Gdynia as a fishing village and takes the tourist through its history. You will see artifacts from the different periods with fishing shanties, vintage diving suits, photographs of the port, the ships and the maritime history of Gdynia.

Stone Hill

Stone Hill, Gdynia

This hill is in one of Gdynia’s prettiest areas at 52m above sea-level. The tourists get to see some wonderful views of the Hel peninsula and the Baltic Sea.

Kepa Redlowska Nature Reserve

Kepa Redlowska Nature Reserve, Gdynia

This nature reserve preserves the natural beech-forest habitat of wild animals. You get to see bats, foxes, badgers, etc. You can stroll around this reserve for it is always a pleasure to be amidst nature.

Joseph Conrad Monument

Joseph Conrad Monument, Gdynia

The monument stands proudly as a tribute of Gdynia to Poland’s most famous seafaring author. It is opposite the Oceanographic Museum. This monument is well-stylized. It is the only one in the world dedicated to Józef Teodor Konrad Korzeniowski. In 1976, this monument was unveiled.

The tourists can take a guided tour which will include Orlowo. It is sandwiched between the forests, cliffs of Gdynia and the beaches of Sopot. You will enjoy visiting the side trip and will surely remember it with its surrounding natural beauty and eateries.

You thus conclude your trip to the Tricity of Poland. You are happy that you chose one of the top tourist cities of Poland.


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