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Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park, California

Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore, New Jersey


Boston, Massachusetts

Cumberland Island, Georgia

Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids and Gold Coast, Michigan


Lana’i, Hawaii

Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada


Chicago, Illinois

Kansas City

Kansas City, Missouri

Sun Valley

Sun Valley, Idaho

In 2014 plan your vacation to one of the top US vacation destinations. See something new and happening. If your holiday period is limited then the people in US would find it convenient to travel to the top vacation destination in their home country. No matter where you are placed on the globe, if you really want to spend this holiday season in the best possible way then read below and head where you wish to go.

1. Yosemite National Park – California

The park is in the state of California United States. It occupies an area of seven square miles. Yosemite Park is internationally recognized and tourists from all over the world visit it. It is a World Heritage Site. It’s hard to believe that nature is so close to other bustling cities in California.

The park offers the vacationers quality time within its folds. It has eye-catching granite cliffs, giant sequoia groves, clear stream bubbling around, beautiful waterfalls and a lovely biodiversity. It has scenic hiking trails. There are plenty of things to see at Yosemite National Park. Admire the Mount Lyell peak standing tall at 13,120 ft. The Lyell Glacier is at the park and so also the groves with tall, thick trees. You are surrounded by pure nature all around and are happy that you have chosen one of the top US vacation destinations. It abounds in nature activities.

The waterfall of Yosemite are famous and you will see plenty of them in April, May and June as the snow melts. Yosemite has a Mediterranean climate. It abounds in varied habitat of fish, reptiles, mammals, birds and amphibians. It has mixed coniferous forests. Yosemite National Park in California is the first on the list of the tourists. The park has a lodging facility within it. Your body and mind are both rejuvenated at this park. Yosemite National Park will surely be a memorable one for each tourist.

2. Jersey Shore – New Jersey

Welcome to Jersey Shore. After having seen if through, you will know that it is one of the top US vacation destinations. Start off by visiting Sandy Hook which has a beautiful coastline of seven miles. The vast expanse of the ocean and bay beaches offer a lot of outdoor activities.

Red Bank is a small town in the Jersey Shore area. You will be charmed by this little town with brick sidewalks and Victorian street lamps. Visit Ocean Grove and enjoy its lovely beaches and historic architecture. Walk on the tree-lined streets and enjoy your freedom.

Lakewood area in Jersey Shore has parks which are beautifully laid out and golf courses. The area enjoys a settlement of a diverse community. Lavallette is another place where the tourist can spend time on its pristine beaches, indulge in water sports and eat at its top rated restaurants.

Jersey Shore is full of activity right from Sandy Hook to Cape May which is one of the historic landmark cities in the United States. Choose where you want to be most on your vacation in Jersey Shore.

3. Boston – Massachusetts

Here in Boston see the best and do what you like most. Get going on a 2.5 mile red brick trail. You start off from Boston Common the oldest park in the history of America and finish off at Bunker Hill. You are at the pinnacle of the hill. If you are tired on your way just stop for a beer at The Best in Hand Tavern, America’s oldest tavern. As you trail along take short stops en route.

Visit the Faneuil Hall Market and soak in its history. You will pass by almost 16 historical landmarks in the city of Boston. Freedom walking tour is the most popular one to view the city. With a map in hand to guide you see a lot of the city. Explore its museums, churches, meeting houses and burial grounds.

The American Revolution started in Boston. Every twist and turn on your Freedom Trail tells you a new story. Check into a pleasant hotel and go to the Visitor Information Center, 139 Tremont St. Boston MA 02111. Choose the Freedom Trail and be guided with a guide.

4. Cumberland Island – Georgia

This island is made up of the great and little Cumberland islands. They are together known as Georgia’s Golden Isles. The tourist enters these islands via a ferry from Florida or by NPS ferry from St. Marys, Georgia. The NPS allows camping. The beauty of the islands invites the vacationer.

The Great Cumberland has a beach which is more than 16 miles long. You will see lovely sand beaches and dunes. The natural serenity is a feast for your eyes. The Little Cumberland and the end of the Great Cumberland protect the nesting birds on the beach. The interior forests abound with freshwater ponds, saltwater caves, inland swaps where you see wading ducks and the long-legged American Ibis.

The Cumberland Islands is Georgia’s largest and southernmost barrier islands. You see man and nature walk here hand-in-hand. The National Park Services provides guided tours for the tourist all waiting to discover Cumberland Island. From morning 9 am there are tours for about five to six hours. You go around the Cumberland Island Wharf and see a number of sites.

The tourists can book the ferry 30 minutes prior to the departure at the Cumberland Island Visitor Center. The timings differ according to the season. There is so much to see and do at Cumberland Island that you don’t realize how fast your vacation time has flown by. This vacation has shown you what you would have missed elsewhere. The vacationers are happy that Cumberland Island is rightly one of the top US vacation destinations and they chose to visit it.

5. Grand Rapids and Gold Coast – Michigan

You are a smart vacationer. You have chosen one of the top US vacation destinations for the family. Set right all your planning, booking, etc. You have touched down on a land full of beautiful beaches and beach towns. Who doesn’t love the waves and the smell of wet sand? It is 300 miles you have got to explore and have fun in your colorful swimsuit residing in a luxury resort nearby. A dream vacation come true you murmur to yourself as you set foot on the vacation land. It charges the mood of the whole family.

The Grand Rapids is a beer city. You get a chance to let your taste buds savor the high quality beer, the product of the craft brewers. You will find here some big names in the beer brewing sector. Grand Rapids not only provides you with frosty beer mugs but also has art hidden within it. Yes, artists, painters, designers, sculptors all throw open their doors for you to see their prized artwork. It is an art competition here at Grand Rapids. Missed it, do not worry, art is seen here all year round at the 118 acre Frederik Miller Gardens or better still you can go to the Grand Rapids Arts Museum. A vacation full of happy memories is what the whole family returns home with after their Gold Coast and Grand Rapids visit.

6. Lana’i – Hawaii

Welcome to the smallest island in the chain of the famous Hawaiian Islands. This comma shaped island is tiny, peaceful, but high on luxury and style for its vacationers. The island has one town known as Lana’i City. Away from the hustle bustle and traffic jams it enchants its visitors. It is the best tropical getaway vacation spot.

Lana’i has rich volcanic soil and thus it’s good for farming. Pineapple is the king crop of Hawaii grown here in Lana’i. You can visit some historic sites and the unusual natural wonders such as Shipwreck Beach where you hike down the beach. There is the Garden of the Gods where you see unique rock formations. An array of colors of red, purple and ochre along with crusted lava give you a lunar landscape view. It is spellbound beauty which you witness from close quarters. The Pu’u Pehe Rock has a legend to narrate and it lies just offshore to the left of Hulopo’e Bay, a big triangular-shaped rock.

You take the Munro Trail from atop the mountain at 3,370 ft. The views here are spectacular as you trail through rain forests, up Mount Lanaihale and to the Palawai Basin. Do not forget that you are in United States. This one of the top US vacation destinations seems to have mesmerized you. The clear crystal Pacific Ocean waters make Lana’i a pristine island.

7. Las Vegas – Nevada

Las Vegas is the most happening city, spectacular and dynamic. This city lures tourist each vacation. It is a young, flamboyant Las Vegas shimmering from the desert haze of Nevada.

Come visit this one of the top US tourist destinations and go all out enjoying yourself. Visit the pulsating casinos open 24 hours. It has huge floor space brimming with people to win or lose. Don’t miss out on them.

Drive down to Red Rock Canyon Conservation Area. It is a few miles west of Las Vegas. It is nature’s bounty with its 3000 foot high sandstone cliffs deep red in color. The park here has nature filled views. Go in for some outdoor sports.

Shark Reef is a feast for your eyes. It is an aquarium where you will see amazing creatures. It is an attraction in Las Vegas worth visiting. The Floyd Lamb State Park encompasses 2040 acres and has a lot to offer the vacationer.

A day before winding off drop in at the Fashion Show Mall. You will find 140 shops and galleries. Hungry at the moment, then check out dining options at Johnny Rockets and Maggiano’s Little Italy. The experience of shopping at this upscale mall is an enjoyable.

The vacation for the youth is incomplete without the terrific nightlife at Las Vegas. Tao where you drink and dance away is an upscale night club with fashionable, chic attire. The nights are always young at Las Vegas. Dance with sexy men of Chippendales. Have an unforgettable Girls Night Out. Las Vegas has it all, night clubs, strip clubs, adult shows and lots more.

A family too has a lot to see and do here in Las Vegas. Visit the Siegfried and Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat. You enjoy and are thrilled in this tropical paradise. Stay at a luxury hotel and be pampered in its city called Las Vegas.

8. Chicago – Illinois

Chicago is an inviting city in United States. Under its vast umbrella, it has a number of attractions for each vacationer. Land at the Chicago International Airport, or else drive down from where you stay in the US.

You can make a visit to The Chicago Museum of Science. You have a lot to see and learn here. Go to the Garfield Conservatory. Regardless of what the tourist want to do, this Windy City has a lot to offer.

The views of the city from the Wills Tower or the John Hancock Observatory are stunning. Book a tour with your family and spend time visiting some top attractions in Chicago. The Millennium Park is enjoyable. The Lincoln Park Zoo gives you the chance to see some exotic animals. Children are engrossed when taken to the Chicago Children’s Museum. Hop on to a trolley or a double-decker bus. Go around Chicago’s waterfronts. Stand atop 110 stories high at the Sears Tower. This is now called Skydeck Chicago and is the city’s topmost landmark.

You will surely enjoy a 60 minute cruise with a guide on hand describing Chicago’s Skyline and telling you about the Windy City. Visit the second-largest Art Museum and be impressed by its top collections. You will have an enjoyable time in Chicago on your vacation.

9. Kansas City – Missouri

Enjoy in Kansas City just like the locals. Start your day by visiting the Country Club Plaza. You will be amazed to see the things at the shops. Walk into Williams – Sonoma, Pottery Barn or Burberry. Take a bite at the Classic Cup Sidewalk Cafe or go to the Three Dog Bakery. Check out the photographic works at Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. Attend a yoga session if you wish to at Nelson Park.

The “Flanders Fields,” the World War I Museum is at Liberty Memorial. Get going to the Sea Life Aquarium which is the Kansas City attraction. Its tour informs the visitors about waterways of the Kansas City and takes you through Missouri River, the Mississippi River, the Gulf of Mexico, then to the Caribbean Sea and last of all the Atlantic Ocean. This tour is a unique one.

Visit Legoland and remind yourself of your childhood days. If not short of time before your vacation ends see The Kansas City Zoo, Arthur Bryant’s BBQ, and the Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead. Let your children cherish the memories of the activities they do here. It is a fun city and yes you and your family do want to have a great time this vacation.

10. Sun Valley – Idaho

Sun Valley is mountain resort city in central Idaho. It is located in Blaine County. After the opening of the Sun Valley Resort, many tourists are attracted to spend their holidays at Sun Valley.

Summer days here are long, the night sky is starry and the mountain air cool and clear. Start your day with vigor and energy to ride up to the Bald Mountain in a lift and descent down hiking. If you are an ardent biker, pick your bike and start off to the Mountain. View the beautiful landscape from the top.

Catch breath-taking views of Sawtooth National Recreational Area after your rugged trail. You can dip in one of the 13 soothing hot springs of Sun Valley. Children and you can walk and drop by the Sun Valley Center for the Arts. Try some local favorites at Frenchman’s Bend when at the springs.

In the summer, it is nothing but outdoor activities. Take a family horseback ride in the afternoon up Dollar Mountain. Many trails beckon you and you will love your morning hike on Proctor Mountain. Enjoy shopping in Sun Valley and so also their year round festivals. Pick up souvenirs from Sun Valley not only for your friends but also for yourself. It will keep on reminding the family of their Sun Valley Idaho vacation.

Read through the cities for your vacation. Choose a place you want to visit and get set planning, packing and going to a peaceful and a different place in the United States.


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