Top Vancouver Attractions

/Top Vancouver Attractions


Vancouver is a cosmopolitan city. It has beauty, outdoor activities alongside with urban amenities. Vancouver is surrounded by Ocean Rainforests, Mountains, Parks and Beaches. What more do you want to see in Vancouver? It is a city for the traveler to explore and soak in every bit of Vancouver. Travel around Vancouver on foot, minibus, bicycle or horse-drawn carriage. Your fun, excitement and enjoyment are endless in Vancouver. This city hiding within its bosom a plethora of world renowned sites is in Canada’s third largest province British Columbia. Vancouver has under its umbrella of being the top Canadian destination, six times in a row by Travel Weekly magazine and Lonely Planet’s top city destination in ‘Best in Travel 2010’ list. Vancouver is a warm and welcoming multicultural city.

Places to See in Vancouver

Stanley Park

Stanley Park is a park for all seasons. The park provides memorable mountain, ocean and city views. You can walk, cycle of rollerblade. In the heart of Stanley Park, you will see the Vancouver Aquarium. You are amazed yet thrilled to come face to face with 50,000 captivating creatures. Watch the dolphin and Whale shows, and see the popular free-roaming animals in the Amazon Gallery. Stanley Park occupies an area of 1001 acres that borders the downtown of Vancouver, Canada. The waters of Pacific Ocean surround the park. It is a tourist’s attraction. The park has some kid-friendly spots. It is a perfect getaway place from the city. Here, it is tranquil with its pretty blooming gardens, beautiful coastal areas and full of fir, cedar and hemlock trees.

CapiIano Suspension Bridge

This is a simple suspension bridge crossing the Capilano River. The park on either side features gardens, nature trails and the temperate rain forest. It is unique in history, culture and nature. Capilano Suspension Bridge has always thrilled its visitors. It is 450 ft long and 230 ft. high. The new addition to the park is the Cliffwalk. Hee you walk on a granite precipice. It has a number of stairs, bridges and platforms along the River through rainforest vegetation.

The tourist enjoys the Treetops Adventure ranging to a height of 100 ft. It has suspension bridge attached to trees. You can take a nature guide along with you. Then you have the 100 year old Trading Post. You pick up some Canadian gifts. In December, the charm of this park enhances with all its Canyon Lights.

Vancouver Art Gallery

The tourists are welcomed to the gallery and move around seeing the unseen and unforgettable exhibits. It has a rich collection of forest paintings of Emily Carr. At the outdoor public art space, the visitors watch in utter silence the moving urban and natural environment film project of Mark Lewis. Besides showcasing the works of many artists, the gallery holds major thematic exhibitions. The Vancouver Art Gallery enriches the lives of people and enhances Vancouver in a vibrant and creative way. It is the fifth-largest art gallery in Canada. In western Canada, it is the largest gallery. It is open from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm.

Canada Palace

This palace is situated on the Burrand Inlet. The Canada Palace has a rich maritime history. The structure has 5 “sails” that rise above the inlet. The palace is now home to convention facilities, offices and special events.

The tourists can walk the promenade at Canada Palace. It takes you back in history. You enjoy the wonderful views of the harbor as you walk along. The Canada Palace is also now a cruise terminal. You get to hear some music as you pass on the west promenade. Visit the IMAX theatre at the Canada Palace and enjoy some films.

Granville Island

The early morning Aquabus takes the thrilled tourists to the Granville Island. As you step onto this island, you hear the echo of seagulls and see the Public Market. The island gives you a feeling of secrecy. The Public Market here is the culinary epicenter. The island was given a fresh look in the 1970’s from its old-fashioned one. Here, you can spot Vancouver’s top chefs. That are busy taking the best picks for the day. You settle in an eatery and savor Japanese noodles, Greek gyros, and Italian pizza. The tourists as they go around the island hear the street music melody struck from a violin or saxophone.

The Granville Island holds the Jazz International Festival. The art and culture festival has a lot to share with the visitors. Vancouver Children’s Festival makes the kids and the child in you dance, sing and be merry. As the day comes to an end, you find that Granville Island has slipped back to timelessness, music and charm. You return to Vancouver with unforgettable memories and to begin your next day afresh. This island is open from 9 am to 7 pm all seven days a week.

Grouse Mountain

Drive down 15 minutes from downtown Vancouver to reach the wilderness paradise. It is an all season destination. The visitors take the aerial tram and set out on a journey 3,700 ft above sea level. It is just mind boggling at the Alpine Station. You are perplexed where to turn your gaze. All around are paranoid views of the Vancouver city, sea and of a higher summit at an altitude of 4,100 ft. Summer, Fall or Spring trek up to the stunning beauty of the Grouse Grind. Go on a mountain zip lines two-hour tour at the speed of 80 km per hour. You cross peaks of Grouse Mountain and Dam Mountain. Come winter and it is time for some snow activities on Grouse Mountain. Let the adrenal rush flow as you go Skiing, Snowshoeing, Ice Skating, Snowboarding and Sleigh Rides. All year round spend every minute at Grouse Mountain taking the Skyride Gondola, Wild Refuse and Theatre in the sky. You will not easily forget these experiences at Grouse Mountain.

There is a lot more left to see and explore in Vancouver like Chinese Garden, admiring the elements designed in rock, plants, architecture and water. Vancouver lookout in downtown 430 feet high. The famous Science World which makes you put on your thinking caps and ignites your mind.

Shopping and Accommodation in Vancouver

Now it’s time to do some shopping. Visit the Punjabi Market with shops of silk, gold bangles, pashmina and saris, hearing Bhangra music as you shop. Go to Chinatown and pick up a few things like Chinese bowls, tea, medicinal cures, herbs and dried goods.

Vancouver is full of surprises. Take eco tours, sea safaris and city tours and do and see what you and your family want at Vancouver. There is plenty of accommodation available in Vancouver downtown, center, or away from the hustle-bustle of the city. The food you would like to savor such as fresh seafood, locally made cheese, gooseberry jam, terra breads, oyama sausage, local pastries, apricots etc.

How to Reach Vancouver

Vancouver International Airport is about 12 km from downtown Vancouver. It is on Sea Island in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. Flights arrive here from various countries across the globe. They also have are Domestic Terminals. The visitors can take rental cars, taxis, buses, transit rail.

The tourists should apply for a tourist visa to visits Canada. Do keep the basic requirements in mind such as a valid passport and a health clearance, have enough money for your stay. Make clear all relevant things needed by visiting the Canadian Visa Office from the country or region you live.


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