Tourist Destinations In Austria

/Tourist Destinations In Austria

Best Tourist Destinations In Austria

Austria is full of Vienna‘s Mozart melodies, jewel-box palaces and sparkling Alps. You love the natural surroundings and have chosen one of the best tourist destinations in Austria, Salzkammergut.

The glassy lake waters shimmer with the reflections of pastel-colored houses and towering mountains on all sides in beautiful Salzkammergut. This place is the most sought after tourist attractions in Austria. In the summer, Salzkammergut is full of tourists. They come here to see the lakes, picturesque towns and mountains. You take a sightseeing tour of Salzburger Dom, Salzburg Castle, Mozart Square, and Hellbrunn Palace with its parks and trick fountains. You stroll along the gardens of Mirabell Palace and visit the most happening fashion mile in Salzburg. Your tour takes you to the nearby destinations of Salzburg. You are all excited with this one of the best tourist destinations in Austria.


Best Tourist Destinations In Austria

Fuschl is a pretty little village from where the hiking trails start. The hikers make this their base. It is by Lake Fuschlsee. A day trip here from Salzkammergut is what the vacationers prefer, hiking to Mount Schober from where one gets spectacular vistas of Lake Fuschlsee. This lake is a freshwater reservoir and one of the clearest lakes in Salzburg. One could also visit St. Gilgen with its famous Strobl and Cog Railway. If you want to venture all around Salzkammergut, you can go to Hof, Hintersee and Thalgau.


Best Tourist Destinations In Austria

Mondsee lies in Upper Austria and is well-connected via the highway to Salzburg. The wedding scenes in the movie The Sound of Music were shot in the Basilica of Mondsee. It is a beautiful town. Tourists visit the Baroque town center and walk on the lakeside promenade admiring the natural surroundings. You can also visit a nearby church. The lake of Mondsee witnesses a number of tourists who enjoy sailing and other water sports here.

St. Gilgen and St. Wolfgang

Best Tourist Destinations In Austria

These are two beautiful towns in the Lake District of Salzkammergut. Summer sees an influx of tourist here. St. Gilgen is well-connected by ferries with St. Wolfgang and Strobl.

St. Gilgen has natural beauty and visitors stroll along its lakeside promenade. You will also find here a boarding school and a Baroque dome. These two towns are the gems of Salzkammergut.

Bad Ischl and Gmunden

Best Tourist Destinations In Austria

These two lie in the Upper Austrian Salzkammergut and are famous with the hikers in the autumn season. Bad Ischl still maintains its original imperial charm. The main attractions here are the thermal spa Kaiser Therme, the park and pavilion namely Kurpark and Kurhaus and so also the Imperial Villa.

Gmunden, on the shores of Lake Traunsee, is known for its ceramic pottery, mountains and cruise boats. The Roman Catholic Church in Gmunden is a three-aisled basilica built in gothic style. The interiors of this church are beautiful. On an island on Lake Traunsee stands Schloss Ort, an attractive looking castle. You can take a refreshing lakeside walk of 2km that is enjoyable and peaceful. The old steamboat on the lake is called Gisela. When in Gmunden be sure to see the beautiful Rathaus town hall building in the town square.

Styrian Salzkammergut

Best Tourist Destinations In Austria

Styrian Salzkammergut lies in southern Salzkammergut. The people here believe in traditions and follow them as they are deeply rooted in their culture. Skiers will be happy to be here as it has famous skiing resorts. Do visit the famous town of Hallstatt, which is a World Cultural Heritage Site. If you happen to be here in early summer, you and your family will enjoy visiting the daffodil festival. It is held in the nearby towns of Altaussee and Bad Aussee.

Your entire vacation is spent in splendid beauty and charm. You visit the most impressive mountains and the two famous caves at Mount Dachstein and its glaciers. Remember to plan your trip to Salzkammergut, one of the best tourist destinations in Austria, much ahead of time. If you are going with your kids, then I will suggest booking a tour detailing which side of Salzkammergut you want to visit with a reputed travel agency. Doing this will surely keep you free to enjoy this lovely trip of yours to Salzkammergut. Back home, you can show the unmatched natural beauty of Salzkammergut, one of the best tourist destinations in Austria by flipping the pages of your album.


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