Traveling Around Ottawa

/Traveling Around Ottawa

Ottawa is wrapped up in a beautiful natural setting. It is vibrant, charming and full of bounce. It has a wealth of cultural attractions and treasures. Ottawa is wrapped in beautiful settings with a relaxed urban atmosphere.

Ottawa Thrills You

You are in Canada’s capital city and a cultural centre.

Get going and explore the outdoor Ottawa.


1. Parliament Hill

It is a postcard perfect Parliament Hill. Vast archways adorned with copper towers welcome you. In summer, you could witness the Changing of Guard on the front lawns. It’s a colourful daily ritual. Do keep up with the time of 10 O’clock in summer. It’s here that Ottawa hosts the Canada Day and has an annual birthday bash. Here, you can witness the Sound and Light Show throughout the summer nights. It offers its spectators free daily tours and riders to the Peace Towers. You get a spectacular 360 degree view of Ottawa.


2. Canadian Museum of Nature

It is a four-storied museum. There you will find an impressive collection of fossils, minerals, animals and a lot of dinosaurs from Alberta.


3. Canada’s Science and Technology Museum

It’s all scientific here. Yet, you will be absorbed as your gaze reaches every nook and corner. It teaches you the scientific laws that govern our world.


4. Canadian Tulip Festival

Spring and summer bring a lot of respite from the harsh winters. Witness nature at its best with a hue of colours. It’s the world’s largest with more than 3 million tulips in full bloom. It is held in May.

National Gallery of Canada

5. National Gallery

National Gallery is Canada’s biggest art gallery. Even the structure is a piece of art. It documents the history of Canada through the largest collection of Canadian and Inuit art in the world.


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