Traveling to Italy? Go Through these Travel Tips

/Traveling to Italy? Go Through these Travel Tips


Italy has some of the most beautiful cities across the world. However, touring the country can turn out to be a perplexing experience if you aren’t equipped with a few effective tips that would help you sail through your days here. So browse through the tips listed below if you are traveling to Italy.

When to Visit?

This perhaps is one of the most important factors to be considered before you actually start planning your trip to the country. Everything ranging from the determination of the ideal time to book your business class flights to zeroing in on your budget would depend on the same. As usual, traveling in the peak season would cost you more than that of off-season. It is suggested that you opt for an off-season tour not only because it’s cheaper but also because Italy is much more enjoyable when you’re journeying during this time.


If you’re a frequent traveler, it’s advisable that you master the art of packing as soon as you can. It rids you of a lot of hassles. While it’s safer to take everything that’s absolutely necessary, it’s not wise to over pack either. Here are some tips for packing for Italy:

  • Don’t fuss too much about clothes- just be yourself- team your dresses up with some nice scarves and you’re sorted. It more or less makes up for Italian women’s tastes
  • Carrying shorts is almost pointless unless you’re biking on the beaches. You’re specifically advised to cover up for the churches
  • Hair dryer is not necessary since even budget hotels have them
  • Do carry an umbrella as Italy can be climatically iffy at times
  • Don’t carry too many shoes with spike heels- most of the streets are filled with cobblestones and spike heels would hinder ease of movement
  • Bikini is particularly advised for summer months as it’ll be difficult for you to blend in monokinis or complete one-pieces- since almost all the women (yes irrespective of their body size) are wearing bikinis on beaches

Driving:  Some Facts

  • You might as well have to spend some tough times regarding this. Just remember that from the moment you step onto the airport you have to spend a great deal of time in finding your car and renting the same
  • If you’re fond of turning to maps for directions then it’s advisable that you take some detours and be sure enough to be guided by an efficient navigator- otherwise rent a car with a GPS unit
  • Please don’t hesitate to ask the locals for advice- even if it means yelling from your car- Italians don’t mind that
  • Try and remain on any superstrada or autostrada 

Destinations that You Must Check Out in Italy

Dolomites: Touted as one of the most wondrous beauties in Europe, this paradise- nestled in northern Italy makes your trip complete. Even the thought of beholding a mountain range with 18 peaks crossing 3000 meters gives you a high. The place is a training ground for athletes owing to its high altitude. Paragliding, hiking and biking are some of the few activities that you can try out here.

Venice: When you’re in Italy, you somehow know that you simply can’t head your way back home without carrying the stories of Venice and Rome with you. Speaking of Venice- it remains one of the most magnetic cities across the globe known for its brilliant architecture, alluring canals and exciting passageways. Whether you’re taking a gondola ride or relaxing in Piazza San Marco, Venice is definitely one of those places where you wouldn’t mind getting lost in.

Rome: The interesting juxtaposition of history and urban development awaits you! Exploring the ancient marvels and digging into the quintessential Roman urbanity keep you busy in the dream destination of travelers across the globe. While it is important to visit the must-see attractions like Coliseum and Vatican, it’s also necessary to tour the city like a local exploring its local restaurants and cafes in order to enrich your own traveling experience.


Home to some of the most savory delicacies in the world, Italy, needless to mention, has a plethora of well-known restaurants to please your taste buds. But please keep these points in view before gorging on:

  • For the most authentic eating experience, you should take the trouble of heading for regions which are famous for particular dishes. For instance, Tuscany is famous for steaks, Parma for prosciutto, Umbria for truffles, Capri for ravioli caprese etc
  • It’s always advisable that you consume house wine as it’s ideally cheap and of supreme quality
  • Bologna remains the best food city in Italy- so don’t forget to check it out- especially if you’re a food connoisseur 


Most of the Italians do speak English, but learning a bit of their language would help you to be on their good side!


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