Walt Disney World – A Place of Thrills

/Walt Disney World – A Place of Thrills

Walt Disney World

Disney World is an entertainment complex in Lake Buena Vista in Florida, USA. There are theme parks, themed resorts, water parks and also a number of entertainment and recreational venues. The tourist will find the Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Disney World is 21 miles southwest of downtown Orlando.

A huge arch gate welcomes the tourists with ‘Walt Disney World, Where Dreams Come True’ written on the gate. As you walk in, you visit the Magic Kingdom theme park in Bay Lake, Florida where fairy-tale dreams come true. The Magic Kingdom is full of fantasy, music, fireworks and your best-liked Disney Characters. You see a lovely Cinderella Castle. You pass on Main Street U.S.A with an array of shops. The street decor is of the early 20th century. The tourist pickup souvenirs from the Emporium. You take a ride on the 3 ft. Walt Disney World Railroad and get down at the Fantasyland.

Children are thrilled to see Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse statue in front of the Cinderella Castle.

You take a dark ride at the Pirates of the Caribbean. This ride makes you sing “Yo Ho from A Pirates Life for me”. The attractions here are a Caribbean watchtower and the Blue Bayou mermaids swimming in the water. The queue area takes you through the dungeons of the fort as you glimpse the skeleton pirates. You pass through the Blue Lagoon. All along you enjoy every moment.

Frontier land takes you to an American Old West. It has a Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Country Bear Jamboree with audio-animatronic figures. The bears perform country music. It is amusing as you watch the characters fall from ceilings, on stage and hide behind curtains.

The Big Thunder Railroad is a mini-train roller coaster. In the Liberty Square, you pass by The Hall of Presidents. It houses audio-animatronic figures of Presidents of USA.

At Disney Land, you get to see the Bavarian architecture used in Fantasy Land. The theme here is of medieval carnival style. It is dedicated to ones who are young at heart. You shout and scream when in the seven Dwarfs Mine Train Roller Coasters as it wobbles on tracks. To reach here, the tourists use the Walt Disney Monorail, ferry boats or buses.

Tomorrowland gives you a glimpse into the future with UFOs, robots, rockets, etc. To quote Walt Disney: ‘Tomorrow can be a wonderful age’. Tomorrowland gives you a blueprint of our future. Some of the attractions here include Astro Orbiter, Tomorrowland Speedway, etc. There are trams at the parking lot to take the tourists to ticket counters and throughout the resort complex.

The tourists after visiting the theme park plan next to see the water parks.

Typhoon Lagoon

Typhoon Lagoon at Walt Disney World is in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. It was opened to public in 1989. Typhoon Lagoon has the world’s largest wave pool. Here’s where you have fun with fishing in the coral reefs. It lies within the city limits. The theme here is based on a typhoon which devastated a pristine tropical paradise. The tourists see fishing gear, ships and surfboards strewn around as the storm had flung them. It is fun all along as you float down the icy melted waters.

Disney’s Blizzard Beach

Disney’s Blizzard Beach in Bay Lake, Florida is a water park. The tourists find ice cave of Cross Country Creek and other water areas. The attractions here are placed on an artificial hill at a height of 90 ft. At Mount Gushmore, the hill, tourists are guided by the colors Red, Green and Purple. Blizzard Beach is open nine months from April to December. It is a slushy slippery water park. You will find on the side of the beach Haus, a souvenir shop. Goofy can be seen walking and greeting the visitors. Some click pictures with Goofy.

The Green Slope is a water slide and is found on the topmost point of Mount Gushmore. You can walk up to see the Summit Plummet. It is the second-tallest (120 ft.) and the fastest free-falling slide in the world. Your family then takes the white-water raft ride at 1,400 ft. This Steamboat Spring is the world’s longest. Infants and elderly are not allowed to take this ride. The Slush Gusher is an air time water ride where you go up and drop back again.

Downhill Double Dipper is at Purple Slope. It has side by side racing slides. It is on Mount Gushmore. The tourists have a rush of adrenaline as the slides are 50 ft. high and 230 ft. long.

Snow Stormers attractions are between Downhill Double Dipper and Toboggan Racers. You have to lie stomach down on the mat slide as it rides down the flumes.

On Mount Gushmore, you will see an 8-lane, 250-foot water slide. It is known as the Toboggan Racers.

At the back side of the park is the Red Slope. Here, the tourists enjoy the Runoff Riders.

The tourists at the Ground Level of Mount Gushmore see the attractions of Melt-Away Bay & Cross Country Creek. Pre-teenage children can have fun at Sky Patrol, which has Leisure Pool, Fahrenheit Drop, Cool Runners, Tikes Peak, Freezin’ Pipe Springs and The Chairlift.

The tourists find refreshment bars offering light snacks, ice creams, deserts, etc.

Walt Disney World has resorts for your family vacations. Book well before your trip to Florida.

Animal Kingdom Theme Park

The tourists here encounter the exciting adventure of seeing exotic animals at the theme park. The Affection Section lets you pet and be friends with animals. The adorable animals are ever ready to be friends with you.

The Boneyard gives you the thrills to discover the age of dinosaurs. You see young paleontologists have fun learning about the fossil world. You go to see the interactive exhibits at the Conservation Station. Follow the Island Trails only to discover silent pathways full of greenery and a landscape full of wildlife. Pay a visit to Legend of the Forbidden Mountain. A speeding train takes you passing by the Himalayan Mountains. When in the Forbidden Mountain you feel a bit scary to think “Will I make it to the Real World, Or Will the Yeti Devour Me”.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios welcome you with all its glamor. Watch entertaining blockbuster movies and do visit all its sections. This park is vibrant and bustling.

American visa is the first and foremost thing that one needs to enter United States. The tourists are requested to find every detail about their visa from the American Consulate in their home city. Once the Visa has been acquired then proceed with planning your trip, select appropriate airlines, check change over flight details. Book your hotel at Orlando, Florida. Orlando International Airport MCO is one of the world’s busiest airports. This airport is your gateway to the Disney World. It is located southeast of downtown Orlando in Central Florida. The distance from the airport is about nine miles. The Orlando International Airport provides non-stop flights from all major US destinations.


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