Best Guy Trip Destinations – From Copenhagen to Cabo Froward

/Best Guy Trip Destinations – From Copenhagen to Cabo Froward

We men are adventurous and love exploring. Also, anything with adrenaline excites us. To unwind from the routines of day-to-day life, we like to involve ourselves with activities that satisfy our male character. Although, we often compromise our real passions to gratify our female counterparts. A trip to Paris will put your partner on cloud nine, and though you could also enjoy it, such a visit will still leave a part of you unsatisfied. Men love destinations that have sport, places that offer physical challenges such as mountain climbing, trekking, biking, or bungee jumping. We want to travel to places where we can explore, and one with beautiful women would delight many of us. Below are some of the best guy trip destinations around the world.

Best Guy Trip Destinations – Biking Destinations

Best Guy Trip Destinations

Copenhagen: Copenhagen has all sorts of interesting places to visit. A big attraction for men are the great roads and lanes that are ideal for biking. The only city that comes close to such a biking-friendly infrastructure is Amsterdam. In Copenhagen, you can ride around the city through beautiful scenery while enjoying the constantly changing panorama. The security is good, and you can confidently ride along without company. You need not worry about getting a bike as they are cheap; a 20 kroner coin will quickly get you a rentable bike.

Best Guy Trip Destinations

Seville: Seville is famous for its SEVici; a bike-sharing scheme that allows tourists and locals alike to enjoy the conveniently designed roads that leave room for bikers. The city is in a flat region, and biking is, therefore, convenient even for non-athletes to enjoy. Riding through this Spanish city famous for its flamenco, you can enjoy superb views and breathe in the aromatic scents of the orange orchards. Security is good, and the weather is beautiful for most of the year. You could visit Seville with your friends and enjoy riding together or join a contest that involves bikers from all over the world. If you are in Madrid, then Seville is five hours by road. Although, it is approximately ten hours from Barcelona.

Best Guy Trip Destinations – Rafting Destinations

Best Guy Trip Destinations

Futaleufú River: Rio Futaleufú is one big challenge for any decent rafter. These glacier-fed raging waters found in Chile are a destination for many adventure seekers. Although, you should have some experience before you try these torrents. The river carries many different types of mineral sediments that give it unique shades of color. As you maneuver your way down fast-flowing rapids and speed through frightening rocks, professional guides will provide you with all the help that you may need to have a safe escapade. Also, there are many camps along the river where you can stop and have luxurious amenities to rejuvenate before continuing down the river.

Best Guy Trip Destinations

Franklin River: The Franklin River in Australia is another favorite for men interested in adrenalin-charged river sports. The river is always alive with an energy that is not to be challenged by the fainthearted. The dark waters of the river are constantly changing like a moody woman. At times, especially when it’s rainy and cold, the river is miserable to tour. At other times, the river is thriving with youth and the rapids are alive, and it is quite an experience. There are times when the waters are relaxed, and you can peacefully enjoy the scenery as you gently coast downstream.

Best Guy Trip Destinations – Hiking Destinations

Best Guy Trip Destinations

El Chaltén to Villa O’Higgins: This 20 km wonder trek route connects Argentina and Chile. It is a great challenge for any trekker and may take more than one day; though if you are in good physical condition, you can do it in a day. Along the trek, one will cross two lakes. The trail is tricky with steep and uneven slopes and can be muddy depending on the weather. After getting to Chile, the trail levels out on a dirt stretch before you get to a stream where you have to take off your shoes to wade through. This trek is an excellent outing especially if you are in a group. You do not have to rush through with the trek and can take the time to enjoy the scenery and an overnight camp in the wild.

Best Guy Trip Destinations

Cabo Froward: The Cabo Froward trek will take you to the most extreme south point in South America. It has over the years been one of the best guy trip destinations. The wild nature of this trek appeals to nature lovers who love the challenge that involves a rugged wilderness and a trail that is wild and passes across two huge, unpredictable rivers, segments of dense forest, and other places of treeless expanses. It helps that the trail is marked as it is easy to get lost in this wild country. The Rio Nodoles and Rio Genes are quite unpredictable and hikers at times have to use canoes to get across their bursting banks.


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